Friday, June 29, 2007

National Flyer Day For Jericho

Jericho Reruns Airing in 7 Days

National Flyer Day--Spread the Word

Saturday 06/30 - National Flyer Day! Leave with 100 flyers. Come home empty handed. Post anywhere and everywhere you can: grocery Stores, restaurants, libraries, gas stations, convenience stores, any place that has a bulletin board or will let you tape up). Lots of little stores are owned by private owners and they won't mind!

Cost: 100 b/w copies off your personal printer and scotch tape (one roll $2?) Oh, and your time! You would be surprised how fast you will get rid of 100 flyers!
Or make your own! Handwritten is fine. Get flyers here:


Shaun and Skeet:

New Video of Shaun Meeting In LA With Jericho Cast & Nuts!!!


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