Monday, July 2, 2007

Jericho And Elvis

The discussion has been raging since Saturday when Rich at Copywrite Ink wrote an article titled " Embracing Jericho Fans: CBS". The article, about a fan club for Jericho fans, covers the subjects of organizing, creating a name and bylaws, electing interim officers, legalities, and creating a community. Now Rich has no interest in a fan club but he does know what is involved so he was just making suggestions as to what someone/whomever would need to know to get one rolling.
It seems some people took offense and it quickly became a debate between some. Do we want a fan club? Who controls the money? Should it be official?

I have tried to remain clear of these types of debates but I love Jericho so I'm going to comment here and now. It probably won't make any difference but I'll feel better. I hate to see a discussion go from heated to accusatory to threatening.

First, what is our goal? To get more people to watch Jericho. Will a fan club help us reach our goal? No because the fan club isn't ready to get to work and Jericho will be back on our screens in five days.
Secondly, if I'm not putting my money into a fan club then why would I care who takes care of handling the money?
Third, if someone starts a fan club I have the option of joining or not. If I want to join but don't like the way it's being run then no one can force me to join.

When I was a teenager I read all the movie star magazines which always listed fan clubs. You sent the club a SASE and your money. In return you'd get a membership card, maybe a picture, and a trinket. There was no internet so you never got to chat with other fans. Of course, my true love was Elvis. Did you know there are over 500 official Elvis fan clubs today? There are clubs in 44 states and 45 countries. Now that's a lot of fans!

I would guess that if Elvis could be on TV today those fans could show the Nielsen's a thing or two. Elvis isn't here but Jericho is and it will take more than a fan club to make sure it gets more seasons. Whether a fan club is established or not, whether I join or not will not bring one new viewer to the TV screen. Debate about a fan club is fine but we must focus. We need new viewers and a lot of them. I don't think we will find them at CBS where people seem to be interested only in debating fan club issues.

Elvis has left the building but Jericho hasn't. Let's keep it that way. Please.




paigec71 said...

Hi Jericho Saved,

I agree with what you said today. It is easy to caught up in the details when a new idea comes along (not saying that all new ideas are not worth looking into or participating in).

New fans is what Jericho needs and on Friday when the first show airs, you need a lot of new people watching. People like me that having only seen the online eps through episode 9 and found out about you thru the NUTs campaign. Oh, and by the way, the DVR is set to record the entire season just in case I am not in front of a tv on Friday nights.

The Rangers have already done a great job campaigning to CBS and getting 7 new episodes in the fall and the chance to gain more fans with the 1st season airing on Friday. I guess I would ask, is a fan club going to help your numbers on Friday and are you going to gain the fan base you need for season 3 and subsequent seasons?

Jericho Saved said...

Thank you for your comment. I'm happy you found us. You are correct in asking if a fan club now will help us gain viewers. A fan club is for fans and I think we should focus on finding new fans not on worrying about a club for the fans we have now.

Rich said...

Thanks JS, I missed this, and appreciate it.

I can't speak for Jericho, but I think we desperately need another Elvis fan club. If we could bring him back, now that would be something. :)

Jericho Saved said...

Hmmmm...Nuts for Elvis? Would you mean an official fan club? Who would be in charge? I like your idea so I think I'll steal it. Sorry.
Only 1 vote in this little dictatorship.
Thanks for the comment.