Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Greens Of Jericho

In an earlier blog I wrote about Skeet Ulrich who portrays Jake Green. Now, here's Jake's family.

Johnston Green ( played by Gerald McRaney) is married to Gail ( played by Pamela Reed). They have 2 sons: Jake and Eric. ( Skeet Ulrich and Kenneth Mitchell).

Johnston has been the mayor of Jericho for 25 years. He is devoted to his family and the town. We're not told much about Johnston but we do know he was once a U.S. Army Ranger. We can read between the lines and realize that there have been times when Johnston put the town's welfare above his family.

After the explosion Johnston leads the town's efforts to work together and to figure out what has happened. He has a rival in Gray Anderson ( Michael Gaston) who questions Johnston's leadership abilities. Gray wants to be mayor obviously. Will he succeed?

Gail Green reminds me of an updated version of June Cleaver. Remember "Leave It To Beaver?" She's a loving wife and mother with strong opinions. She and Johnston make a perfect match. He may be the boss at work but Gail definitely runs the household. She is also well respected in the community.

Eric is the youngest son of Johnston and Gail. Unlike Jake, Eric does as his parents expect him to do. He is married to April ( Darby Stanchfield) who is a doctor. We don't know much about April as she doesn't talk about her family. We aren't told how she met Eric either.

Johnston and Gail are not happy when they discover that Eric is having an affair with tavern owner Mary Bailey ( Clare Carey). We don't know much about Mary. We just know that she and Eric are in love and Mary thinks Eric will leave April for her. Gail Green makes it clear that she is not happy about the affair.

Will Eric leave April for Mary? When will April learn of the affair and what will she do? Will Jake get back in his father's good graces?

To Be Continued.....







paigec71 said...

Well, I know the answer to some of the questions/comments above but not all b/c I am anxiously awaiting to watch the first season beginning TOMORROW night!! Thank you for describing the characters! This really helps since I have only watched 9 episodes online and sometimes it buffers so I miss a lot. I want to here about Robert (I think that is his name). He interests me b/c everything is so secretive with him and his family.....guess I'll just have to keep watching.

Thanks again!

Jericho Saved said...

Thanks for the comment. Yes, keep watching & you'll learn more about Robert. Not right away though. Ha.