Saturday, July 7, 2007

Jericho, Ratings, and iTunes

Did you see Jericho last night? I was happy to see it again because it felt like home. When some of the cast and crew posted messages on the CBS board during the campaign they became more real for us. As I watched last night I realized things about the characters that I had missed the first time around. For instance, I loved the scene where Jake spots Emily then she looks up and sees him. He's been gone 5 years you know. Here's Jake telling various people that he's been in the Army or playing baseball yet Emily sees right through him when he tries to tell her where he's been. You can also see she's glad when Jake tells her he has no special someone in his life. What a scene!

My other favorite scene was when Hawkins appeared. He announces that he was a cop in St. Louis. Okay, is that true? He sure seems to know more than he's saying, huh? Hawkins, I think, has many more stories to tell.

Speaking of stories, the ratings are in from zap2it for last night. These ratings do not yet count the people who taped the show and will watch within three days. Jericho did win its timeslot which means it was the most watched show at 9 p.m. Jericho had 4.47 million viewers. This is down from 11.8 million who watched the original pilot episode. Jericho was second in the 18-49 group but, as we read in AdAge, CBS' median age of viewers is 54. For more good news, bad news read this:
We'll have more numbers once the three day ratings are in.

Oh, here's something you might use to get other folks interested in the show. Get the Pilot episode free at iTunes.


I remain optimistic and will continue to interest new viewers.

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