Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Supernatural: Sera Gamble

"US paranormal drama series Supernatural has become a cult hit since it first hit TV screens in 2005.

Sera Gamble is the supervising producer and writer on the show.

She discussed what it is like working to a TV budget, the impact of the writers' strike - and why writing horror is so much fun.

Warning: This story contains plot spoilers."

"The drama around the possible defection from Paramount of the cinematic powerhouses behind DreamWorks is headline-grabbing - but it's only a distraction from what must really be driving Sumner Redstone crazy: In tough times for media giants, Viacom and CBS are doing even worse than their peers.

And yet, even if you conceded that Redstone was right strategically, you'd have cause to wonder if he got the timing or execution wrong. (As Redstone knows better than most, the market can't only be right when you are winning.) You'd also wonder how much of a cloud episodes like the intense scrutiny of Dreamworks' future cast over Redstone's empire, perhaps overshadowing other bright spots such as the improved year Paramount is having overall."


ankur said...

I am big fan of supernatural program .


kimrennin said...

A couple of projects that lost momentum -- one might be salvageable, but I'm pretty sure the strike killed the other one. I'm philosophical about that -- I expected it to happen. Almost every writer I know took a hit for the strike. And plenty were fired or had their shows canceled, so all in all I was very lucky. I had a job to go back to. And yes, I did try to use my strike time wisely.

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