Wednesday, July 2, 2008

City of Oldsmar: Nielsen

"Nielsen doesn't deserve support

Once again the City Council of Oldsmar has given in to big business rather than support its citizens who elected them.

Of course, the Chamber of Commerce/Horrors has entered the fray and you know who they would support. Sure wouldn't be labor. They're one of the reasons Florida has such a low wage structure in the first place.

Now as to Nielsen being the largest employer in the city, how can that be when they're firing their longtime employees? Having Tata Consultancy Services supply employees from India does not make Nielsen an employer, only a renter of bodies.

How can anyone in their right mind justify giving such backing to such a bad citizen as Nielsen?"


ankur said...

Tata take decision on strange grounds. I have seen some of their decision went so bad , they have to apologies in public


Hamilton said...

Don't let this kind of fraud get worse! Call attention to (D-CA) Rep. Zoe Lofgren's bill H.R. 5882 to open up more than 500,000 visas to give away American jobs. Comment on the GOP House Leader's blog.