Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Terocious

Terocious is a fantastic Jericho fan and recently started a blog called Jericho Junction. He comments, Diggs, and is helpful and supportive. He's been the Monster Fan of the Week and is an all around great guy. Say hello to Terocious.

1. What is it about Jericho that makes you such a big fan?

Jericho is a very well rounded show. It mixes comedy and drama very well. I like the music and the way it is filmed. There is a healthy dose of “this could really happen” to engage my mind. It is a decidedly American tale that does not so much preach its message as it let’s the message be its own character within the story. The show evokes westerns and the American civil war in ways that I have yet to see in other programming. The acting ranges from good to excellent and the continuity is astounding. It has the potential to become more and more interesting.

2. What are some of your other interests?

I went to college for drama and I still am very interested in acting. Last year I acted in my first film. I am also interested in sound recording and songwriting. Advances in personal computers have opened up a whole new spectrum of possibilities. It is a great time to create independently. You have unparalleled freedom.

3. I love Jericho Junction. Why did you want a Jericho blog?

Thank You. Coming from you that means a lot. I did not know I wanted a Jericho blog but I knew I wanted to do something to change the way I was helping to support the campaign. When the “Nuts” campaign was taking off I was mostly silent. I watched in amazement as the cast began posting and I was drawn in and mesmerized by the feeling that something was happening here that does not happen very often. I am a carpenter and was about 4 months into building a house at the time. At that point in the construction of a home a lot of the head work is done so I had a lot of freedom to post and interact with folks on the CBS board. That job ended sooner than I thought so I had about 3 weeks when I was not working and during that time I got more and more involved at CBS. When the jobs started to roll in again I found myself with less time to post and to keep up with folks on the board. I saw a need for a Link site that could act as a one stop favorites list for all things Jericho. This was something I could do whenever I had time. I spend a lot more time reading now than posting. I like this new scenario because I am still keeping the board busy but I am able to better juggle my real life responsibilities with Jericho. Contrary to popular belief I think that for some folks it might be important to spend less time on the boards. I feel like I am one of those people and I feel like this is a better way to utilize my time.

So, I sort of stumbled into the Jericho Junction. I like it because this is something I can work on in my mind while doing other things. I like the way projects undertaken will slowly reveal themselves to you. There are so many possibilities in the Junction for group interaction and for uniting the fan base through the featured links section.

4. What would you ask for if CBS offered you promotional materials for Jericho?

I have no idea. I guess I would ask for exclusive content for people like you who are creating blogs on a daily basis. Pictures and quotes from anyone involved with Jericho would be great. Personally I would like to have some of that great original music made available for remixing. But that is own thing.

5. If you could meet anybody from Jericho who would it be and why?

Okay, since this question is pure fantasy I am going to turn it into a fantasy dinner party with Shoshannah Stern, Lennie James and David Meunier. I choose them based upon their out of character writings. I think it would a fantastically interesting evening.

6. What do you have to say to new fans?

It is seldom you will find a show that has such a rich history with only one season under its belt. You are now part of that history.

7. Will there be a Season 3? 4?

I hope so.


After college I helped to start an independent theatre company. We did all original work and it was extremely talented group. One of our biggest fans was the father of a member. He was a potter and understood the artistic process very well. We were going thru some difficult times and he literally pleaded with us to see beyond the moment we were living in and to recognize what a great thing we had in each other. That group is now dispersed and though I refuse to live with regret I get now what he was trying to say. I think it applies as well to the good people of the Jericho Fandom.


LisiBee said...

Another great fan interview, Jericho Monster. I very much enjoyed getting to know more about terocious. Thank you!

Balceroregontr said...

I especially love the last comment. Great interview from another interesting ranger.

azlady said...

Great interview Nice to meet Terocious. He is a very well rounded person. If he continues to pursue acting, I wish him great success.

maybei said...

One of my favortie Jerico fans - I love reading his comments on the messageboard and and blog!

A pleasure to know and a real asset to the community!!!!