Monday, September 24, 2007

CBS: You Should Be Ashamed

If you use the CBS Jericho board then you may be aware of what has happened today. If not, please let me explain.

Schumi posted the following which was promptly deleted by a person(s) unknown.

Here is Schumi's post which was deleted today. Actually, Xwarp's was also deleted. Here's Schumi's:

Schumi07 said,

"It is with deep sadness and regret that I have decided to very publicly withdraw all my support for the CBS chat room here on the Jericho site. If CBS would like to address the issues and change the software they are using and have proper and qualified moderation of that room, then I may consider returning. But not before that. So if you see the user id SCHUMI07 there – its not me (and that is the ONLY id I use in that chat room – any allegations otherwise are just blatant lies). If I decide to participate there again, I will post to the CBS board that I am doing so. A post under my authenticated id here – nothing else.I am tired of the general harassment of users in that room. And I am even more tired of the VERY specific harassment of me in that room. This is unacceptable behavior and it is not just being imparted by “children” with nothing better to do in my opinion. Very late last night (long after the waves of mass warnings had stopped), I was the only user being warned – and the only one to which s*xually explicit comments were being made in the open chat. That is absolutely uncalled for and I’m not going to stand for it any more.I have chosen to withdraw my support for that chat room for another reason. It is now being fairly wide spread through IM and in the open chat that xwarp, I and probably a few others are logging in there as guest and causing the problems. I AM ABSOLUTELY LIVID AT THIS ACCUSATION. I have never done anything of the sort. I’ve actually never even warned someone in that chat – not even the porn spammers that pop up in there.Tonight I got tired of all the warnings and really didn’t want to be muted again (I was muted 3 times last night) so I decided to leave the room. I also decided about an hour later to pull up the chat log for the CBS Jericho m33bo chat room. Sure enough, it took about 13 minutes after I left for someone there to directly speculate that the warning problems that night were being caused by xwarp or me and a few minutes later someone else indirectly implied that we were doing it. Give me a break.That I would be accused of doing this is appalling and I do not appreciate it. Yes I have complained about the chat room there – CBS needs to fix it and they need to know we want it fixed. I am tired of being “muted” by malicious people. Some of us cannot just dump our cookies and re-enter. And I should not have to leave. I have just as much right to participate in the CBS Jericho Chat as anyone else. I have tried very hard to stay and participate in that chat room as it is CBS’s chat room for Jericho – but they sure aren’t making it easy.Finally, the CBS chat room has a MAJOR flaw in that anyone can sign in as anyone else. That is not a convenient excuse – it is a fact. As I’ve been also accused of using that as an excuse, I’ve decided that it is in my best interest to no longer support the CBS Jericho chat room until they address the problems with it. I think as fans who worked hard to bring the show back and are continuing to work hard to promote it, we deserve at least that much.- Schumi(Starting the stopwatch on how long it will be before CBS deletes this thread as they have deleted every other attempt by xwarp or I to defend ourselves against the wrongful and unfounded accusations being floated about us this past week."

From Xwarp:

"it figures that schumi's, maybei's and my post were deleted. wished i had a time for when it was done.

to clarify, our posts were declaring our withdrawal of the use of the cbs chat room until it is changed to something more manageable. that is all.

i AM SEVERELY disturbed by the fact that neither schumi or i have done anything to deserve to have OUR posts deleted. I pretty much consider that censorship.

so, for those that are wondering "WTF?" is going on, here is the post made by schumi, (in which i followed with pretty much the same declaration of not using the cbs chat room anymore).

keep deleting, i'll keep posting this. i am done with the games."


I have also now been deleted. I posted a response in an appreciation thread asking a question. My question was promptly deleted so I posted this:

"As I said in my deleted post( by unknown person/persons)-- does this mean you support what is going on the chat room? Porn, sexually explicit remarks, etc.? Just curious."

My next message:

"Season 3 & improving chat are not related issues. Neither is messages being deleted. If the mods are deleting messages then they sure are moving fast therefore we should see a quick solution to improving chat."

I quit posting after 4 posts were deleted.

Wake Up CBS!!!

The CBS chat room is a big mess! Is this what you offer your Jericho fans? A place where people can be sexually harassed, warned, and offended. There are children who use this chat but you made Kid Nation so you probably don't care. The Jericho board and chat are in urgent need of moderation. Here's a good suggestion:

"The best tools they can give us is to make this a members only chatroom and to give us the power to ban those who abuse the priviledge that using a message board or a chatroom is. "

" If CBS is not willing to put forth the money and/or effort to make their chat a safe place to gather for its fans then they need to lose the chat. Because if what has been described in the above posts is happening, it is a bad impression for this site, Jericho and CBS."

Something needs to be done NOW!!! Anyone who supports the people who are ruining the chat for everyone else does not deserve to be called a Jericho fan.

Jericho Chat Room Chat Logs

See for yourself


openminded1 said...
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openminded1 said...

This is sick. Read the chatlogs. Decide for yourself what the problem is.

I read the chatlogs, and here is what I think: Anyone who posts on message boards with those responsible for using the CBS chatroom as a place to spread poison, or who allows such persons encouraging discord to be moderators or who otherwise uses the "services" of these persons on their website is declaring themselves part of the problem, not the solution, as far as I am concerned.

Jericho fans (notice that word is NOT in quotation marks), it is time to band together and end this.

We have to let CBS know that this chatroom is an embarrassment to their company, the television show Jericho, and it's fans.

We have to make sure that CBS knows it is providing the means by which to hurt those essential in getting POSITIVE publicity for Jericho and for their network.

Call and write CBS
Ms. Nina Tassler, President
CBS Entertainment
7800 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90039-2112

Let others who might be interested in this story know and let THEM know how to contact CBS as well.

Anonymous said...

I've tried the CBS chatroom and been barraged with IM's, warnings and got muted. Then I left. CBS must fix this or remove it. I'd much rather see it fixed. Simple remedies like allowing no guests and using the cbs board login names would go many many ways to solving the problem.

The mess on the board is a result of this and everyone needs to calm down and wait to see what is done. Someone is out to create problems and we need to act like adults and not let the bully get to us.

Signing my name since google can't remember my password...


Anonymous said...

What happened in the chatroom is inexcusable. It is nothing new though. It was in the very same chatroom that I first learned about the save effort for jericho. Yes, the meebo chat has always been there, it was not a reaction from CBS to Jeritopia. Even back then there were children saying some pretty obscene things.

That a leader is being attacked is also not new. Leaders were constantly attacked throughout the save effort. It is the nature of high visibility. I can remember a time when those who are standing so firmly behind schumi now were the very ones attacking her and her command orders. Some simply have nothing better to do with their lives, ususally children.

The deletions on the board have caused so many problems that don't makes sense.

Deletions for no apparant reason have also always happened. If these deletions were happening to anyone else other than those stated in this article I don't believe that such a fuss would be taking place.

To turn this into an all out attack on CBS makes no sense. I am sorry to see that bloggers are not held to the same standards as news organizations. By no means are all of the facts in this out in the open yet accusations of censorship are taking place.

Much like kystorms article that upset so many at Radiofreejericho because they thought it was about them, facts should be checked first. kystorms was flamed for not checking her facts before blogging. Should the same standards not be used here as well?

To me and several others this looks like a turf war and it is damaging an already fragile fandom.
Always the same people involved. Always stating in one way or another come play in our playground. CBS is just no good, the forum or the chat. Is it a coincedence that the people who are causing this dissention are the ones involved in these other playgrounds? RFJ,Rallypoint and Jeritopia? Everytime someone tries to promote the CBS site or chat the same people come in and tear the threads down with negative remarks.

Is all of this this really worth losing Jericho over. And lets not forget that the cast memebers could well be seeing this.

Now, speaking of censorship I wonder if this comment will be censored?

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that you using the words porn and sex might be the reason that your post was deleted. I am surprised that the words even made it through the automatic screening. Hell Dick, as a name, doesn't even make it through.

Jericho Saved said...

Yes, it is possible my words were the reason I was deleted but I used youtube only once some time ago and was banned for that one episode.

Jericho Saved said...

My facts stand. The word "censorship" was a quote and not from me.

kestral said...

To anonymous:

First off, it would be nice to have a name so i can know who i am speaking too. But it really doesn't matter, my words are the same.

Yes a lot of the same things have happened throughout the campaign. And yes, there was never a huge deal made about them. However, have you ever heard of the straw that broke the camel's back? This is that straw. How many times is it acceptable for people to be subjected to ridicule, lies and other unfair treatment? How many times should they just walk away? Do the people involved in this not deserve some answers at some point? I think they do. I think that the people who have endured this treatment have put up with it for entirely too long. It is about time that someone stands up and says enough is enough and demands answers and to be treated with respect. I can't help but wonder, had this been you, how many times would you walk away?

As for your comparison of this blog compared to KYStorms blog, they are different. KYStorms blog was accusatory toward individuals and this blog is simply trying to ask CBS, a corporate entity not individuals, to be accountable for its actions. Which if you have been to the boards lately, is something that just about everyone can agree on. CBS needs to provide answers, for they are the only ones with the complete information and the logs to provide the answers we all so desperately need right now.

As for the turf war, it seems to me that the blame for those can be placed at every board including CBS. People post at CBS and ask for input on the chat or for ideas to improve the boards. They cannot expect everyone to be positive. There are bound to be people who don't like it. And the laws of probability tell you that the people who are bound to not like it are the ones who have something better to compare it to. Those are the people who go to other boards and other chats. When someone posts a thread like that, they must be ready to take the good AND the bad. They must also remember that even though someone may post at a second board, they are STILL a member at CBS as well. People seem to have forgotten that. Too many are quick to label someone simply because they also post or chat somewhere other than the "preferred" place.

Personally, I have felt that the CBS board and chat have been shoved down my throat time and time again. Over and over again I have seen posts telling everyone that we HAVE to go to the CBS chat to help the "numbers". Over and over it has been insinuated that to post anywhere other than CBS makes me less of a fan. I post at three different boards, so I probably spend more time on Jericho in a day than most people who only post to CBS. I won't go to the CBS chat because of security issues and sexually explicit remarks. I choose instead to go to Jeritopia where there are secure log in procedures and moderation. Perhaps if they would promote the chat or board without putting down or downright insulting the other chats and boards and people who use them, the response would be more positive.

You say that the "other" boards are the problem because they "tear down" threads. However, are you not tearing down the other boards and the people who post there in your comment? What is the difference? Since when is expressing concern and legitimate issues and polite disagreement become "tearing" something down? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You may not like mine and I surely don't like yours. But the difference between you and me is I respect your right to disagree.

I am afraid for the future of Jericho. I am afraid because people like you who think all the blame lies on others. Every board is to blame, every person is to blame. We have let the fandom get to this point. The only question left is, are you willing to stop pointing the finger at others and grab the hand of another fan and stand together in peace? Stand together for the future of Jericho?

kestral said...

Oh, I almost forgot....

Jericho Monster...thank you for helping to say enough is enough. Even though it may not be the popular thing to do.

maybei said...

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I wasn't a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

Balceroregontr said...

First of all to anonymous when you post something like your comment you should leave your name. If those are your thoughts don't be afraid to own them. Second, I am not a member of RFJ or RallyPoint but am a member of NFJ. I rarely post there but have about 1500 posts to my name at CBS. I am appalled at the CBS chat. When I have gone there I was privately mesaged with explicit language. I do not tolerate that type of language so I will not be at the CBS chat. This behavior happened even with Dan Shotz in the room. The people with problems with the chat room deserve to have their problems answered without being torn down for asking for answers. You can be an avid Jericho fan and not use the CBS chat. You can be an avid fan and not even go to the message boards. All people on all boards deserve our mutual respect. I hope CBS listens and fixes its chat feature.
Debby from SC