Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: NobodysBaby

I saw a recent post by Susan on the CBS Jericho board and I was so impressed that I immediately contacted her and asked for an interview. She is an example to all of us that hardships can make us stronger and that the world is a brighter place with laughter in it.

1. What do you love doing besides watching Jericho?

I love being outdoors. I live on a large, large lake so when I feel the need for speed I get in my boat and zoom around, if I need the saltwater I just take it over to the saltwater side of the bridge. I am a waterbaby. My son has been drag racing since he was 8 years old so I go to the races. I met my husband through racing so like Heather I am pretty handy with a wrench. Drag racing was and is a family "hobby", it was something that my husband and his brothers did together with their sons and me of course. We were running 3 cars before the accident and now my son is running a top alcohol dragster. It make me happy when he is happy.

2. How much time per week do you spend promoting Jericho?

Everyday! Whether it is on the websites voting, posting or catching up on things. I wear my Jericho Nut shirt to the store so people will ask me about Jericho.

3. What makes you such a positive person?

Ever since I was little I never liked conflict and was always trying to divert conflicts to something else. When my husband was killed they had stopped on the Interstate to help a young man that had been drinking and had overturned his car. My son was the first to stop and he ran over to the young man, my husband, brother-in-law, 14 year old nephew and grown nephew were behind in the second rig and could see what was happening so they began to slow down, my husband and 14 y.o. nephew jumped out and ran toward my son and the young man, a semi-truck who had plenty of time to stop, change lanes or at least slow down rear-ended our race car rig and the semi jack-knifed and it's trailer swung like an arm and hit my son, husband and nephew. My son was seriously injured with one knee torn off and the other split to the bone and the ankle broken in two places crawled to my nephew who was unconscious and not breathing because he was pinned under the semi, his dad told my Travis to go to Kenny (husband) because Kyle was dead, Travis refused to accept it and began pulling Kyle out from under the truck and when he did the weight off his chest and the painful stimuli caused Kyle to start screaming ( a good sign that air is now in the lungs). Travis stayed with his dad until the paramedics arrived and made them take his dad first. Now you may ask what is positive about this scenario? Well, there was race fuel, gasoline, diesel fuel and other highly flammable materials on the ground, one spark and I could have lost all of them. As painful as it has been to lose my soul mate I was blessed not to lose my son or any others in my family. As a trauma nurse I see so much suffering and pain, I see so many people out on the streets with nothing but a scowl on their face, I read or hear the news (bad news) and I made a vow when I was little that with so much bad in the world that I would always try to contribute goodness, kindness and laughter and maybe it would catch on. My Granny taught me to look at the simple things around you. I almost did not become a nurse because I did not want to give shots and I did not want to hurt people.

My positive outlook is simple: Look for something positive even in the face of adversity.

4. Why did your mother say you could marry Skeet?

Because after the death of my husband I have as maybe some kind of defense mechanism not let anyone of the opposite sex get close or inside my heart. I have male friends since we are racers but I am afraid I could never give the 100% a man deserves. Skeet whether he is Jake or another character is adorable. My mother loves the show and one night while we were in the other room (my dad was in the den flipping channels of course) watching Jericho Jake did something and I can't even remember what it was but I said "I guess I would probably marry him when he finds me" my mother then said "Now him I would let you marry". Now we just joke about when Skeet has time he will probably start looking for me.

5. How can a good sense of humor help fans through our wait for Season 2?

I suggest humor on the boards, lift one another up not tear them down. Also, since we all watched Jericho with total intensity go back and watch it on the CBS website and look for the bits of humor, like Mimi and the chicken!!!!!

6. What attracted you to Jericho?

I have to admit Skeet Ulrich's face on the promotional trailers made me stop and watch the trailers for a serious look and then the content of the show. It made me stop and think of the book, "Alas, Babylon". After the first episode I was hooked.

7. How can we attract new viewers to Jericho?

I think that some of the popular magazine need to pick up on the story of how dedicated the fan base is and the humor behind the NUTS campaign. I mean how many people glance at People Magazine while standing in the grocery store line? (maybe all us women need to send out flyers of Jake in the towel).

8. What do you tell people about the DVD?

I tell people the great thing about having it on DVD is that you can always go back and pick up things that you may have missed and then discuss it on the boards. Also, one of the greatest things is that when cable or satellite is down you've got a great show to just lay around on a rainy day and get a Jericho fix.

9. What is Race4Life?

After my Kenny died so many people reached out to us, I was totally in awe of how many people came to either the family visitation or the actual funeral (there were over 2000 people), people from all walks of life flying in from several states. My Kenny was a very humble and kind person who treated everyone equal so my son and I have a not formally formed "foundation" we call "Race4Life" and we always say race for life because you are not guaranteed tomorrow and always be kind and give a hand up. We took the money that was put in an account by all the people reaching out to help us and put it in an account and when we see a need that needs to be met we quietly go pay that electricity bill, doctor bill or buy food, if someone receives the help we only ask that they do a kind service for someone else and if they want to put back any of the funds it's o.k., the main thing is for people to realize that people really do care and have no motive except kindness to help them up.

10. What message do you have for everyone on the CBS board?

My message to the CBS Jericho Family is thanks for the laughter and keep the ties that brought everyone together in mind everytime you post. REMEMBER THAT: a single strand of rope will break easier than multiple strands bound together!!!


LisiBee said...

Thank you Susan, for your messages of inspiration and humor. We can all learn a lesson from you. And thanks to Jericho Monster for another great fan interview!

Welcome2CHO said...

Susan, you are such a sweet, positive presence. I know how you have triumphed over tragedy, and I thank you for the inspiration you provide! Thanks also, Jericho Monster, for another great interview that allows us to get to know the hearts and minds behind the screen names.

Welcome2CHO said...

Susan, you are such a sweet, positive presence. I know how you have triumphed over tragedy, and I thank you for the inspiration you provide! Thanks also, Jericho Monster, for another great interview that allows us to get to know the hearts and minds behind the screen names.

terocious said...

Amazing inspirational interview.
Thank you.