Saturday, July 28, 2007


Shortly after I started my blog I was directed to BlogCatalog. My lucky day!

BlogCatalog is a social blog directory. What's that? You can promote your blog(s) here or find blogs you like. BlogCatalog will list your blog and they provide a forum where you may ask questions, make suggestions, or promote your blog shamelessly.

Blog Rank - analyzes your hits, views, comments, neighborhood members and more to create a numeric score based on a 100 point scale. Your Blog Rank is used to determine the order blogs appear in the Directory and Search Results. The higher your score the better your placement.

Views - How many unique visitors have looked at your BlogCatalog listing

Hits - How many unique visitors have clicked through to your blog from BlogCatalog.

You can add friends, join communities, and find other blogs about a multitude of subjects. You can see how many people have visited your blog from BlogCatalog and I love the widget that lets me see who has visited me.

I've made a lot of new friends and my traffic has greatly increased so get over there and add your blog. You'll be glad you did.


Rocky John M. Tayaban said...

Hi Sweat1951,

That's a wonderful review. Thank you very much for joining the activity.

Best wishes,

SportsAgentBlog.com said...

I wish that I knew what you did about these sites to help you boost your traffic early in my blog's creation. Great post, and good luck as your site gains relevancy on the web!

Jericho Saved said...

Hi to you both,
Thank you for your comments. This was fun and I'm glad to talk about BC as they've been so helpful. So have you rocky.