Monday, April 28, 2008

Nielsen,Nuts, and Networks

"Nuts to Nielsen - if you want to express outrage send Nuts to Nielsen
follow the Jericho special -protesting Nilsens ratings system and
treatment of American workers.

"For all of you JERICHO fans, NUTSITE.COM has put together a special "Save Jericho" peanut package (or you may choose any item you wish.) Nutsite will collect all orders placed the week of April 21st., and on Monday, April 28th we will deliver the nuts to VARIETY magazine."

"Nielsen just can’t seem to do anything right.

Just days after Manish Bhatia, president of global services and U.S. sales for Nielsen Online, made the argument to Editor & Publisher that its panel-based Internet measurement services are tops (we’re not convinced), its television ratings unit suffered a huge blow, with backlash spewing over its delayed “fast affiliate ratings” national numbers."

"Now is the time we all should be thinking about what network television executives are doing behind closed doors - besides creating another "So You Think You Can Survive Better Than a Star Apprentice." This month is when programmers for the four big broadcast networks figure out which of their series stay and which ones go based on the strength of their ratings over the last seven months. Here's a breakdown of where some of your favorite shows stand as of this month before executives announce their new fall schedules in May."

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