Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Openminded1

Today's interview is with Openminded1(we call her Open) of Radio Free Jericho.

She is a little on the modest side but I can tell you that she has done much more for Jericho than you will ever know. She is constantly working behind the scenes on somebody's idea to be sure it comes to fruition. She has been a great supporter for me and I appreciate her more than she knows. One more thing- she has a wonderful sense of humor. Drop by RFJ and meet her. You'll be glad you did.

1. Why do you love Jericho?
Jericho is a show that offers something for everyone. There is action, drama, romance, and comedy. The characters are people that I can relate to, and the actors portray those characters very well. The story lines are exciting and leave the audience wanting more.

2. Who is your favorite character and why?
Robert Hawkins is my favorite character. He is mysterious and exciting. He is also very human in that he loves his family very much and his love for them guides many of his decisions. He is willing to put himself at risk for what he believes in.

3. If I had never watched Jericho what would you say to urge me to watch?
That would depend on your personality and interests. If you were interested in history and politics, I would start there. If I knew you were a soap fan, I would tell you about the relationships, for example.

4. Would you join a Jericho Fan Club? Why or why not?
Yes. I think a fan club is a great way to celebrate the great community of Jericho fans.

5. What would you like to see a Fan Club do?
I would like to see a fan club provide unique online content, as well as some kind of special perks for membership, such as a certificate, membership card, or exclusive T-shirt. I would also like to see a fan club that enhances what CBS provides on it's own great website.

6. Anything else you'd like to add about yourself or Jericho can go here.
I am not a TV watcher. I do not have a weekly line up of shows that I tune into. It takes something special to get me to make an appointment with my television. Jericho has that something special. Also, the promotions for the CBS Jericho website got me to visit that website from the beginning. The content on the website kept me coming back for more. I have only visited other TV websites briefly in the past.

Thank you,Open. You are one of CBS' best assets for Jericho.


openminded1 said...

RFJ would be nothing without the great ideas and contriubutions of members like yourself. I am honored to know you and so very thankful for all of the resources you provide for us all.


kestral said...

Where's my "I'm not worthy" smiley emoticon when I need him? Open, you have been a great inspiration to many of us at RFJ. Thank you for your tireless dedication to Jericho and to providing us such a fantastic place to gather and feel at home at RFJ. Thank you to JerichoMonster for bringing us another great interview!

Jericho Saved said...

Thanks kestral. You are right about Open. RFJ is a wonderful place.

Skeeterbit said...

Openminded1 is definitely one of the biggest Jericho supporters I've run across in all my board bouncing. I made my home at RadioFreeJericho.com because of their dynamic and proactive promotional ideas.

Open is the greatest! She's been extremely supportive and inspires me daily.

Jericho Saved said...

I must agree with everything you said. Go Open!