Friday, August 3, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Skeeterbit

Today I am starting a series called A Monster Interview. We have all worked together since before the Nuts campaign so I thought it would be fun to ask fans some questions about Jericho. If you would be interested in being interviewed please let me know on the Jericho board. I'm sweat629. Or, you can wait until I visit your board and make my pitch. I will get to all the boards eventually. Without further ado it is my great pleasure to introduce Skeeterbit.

1. What is it about Jericho that has made you a fan?

I watched the pilot episode because of Skeet, but if the show had been a real stinker, I would not have kept watching. Strange as it sounds, the first thing that hooked me on Jericho was my intense dislike for my job which involves strict compliance with health care rules & regulations. Here was a town, with a clinic, treating the wounded literally in the street and not worrying about the stifling details that I am responsible for on a daily basis. After that, I was intrigued by the interpersonal relationships, how they were going to survive, and felt a connection with Jericho because I too live in a very, very small town.

2. Who is your favorite character and why?

Jake Green because I identify with the character. He’s surrounded by people who love him, rely heavily on him, but he feels alone and he’s hurting inside. I don’t think he feels worthy of their love, can’t forgive himself for the choices he’s made, and can’t reach out to those around him to ask for help to ease his pain. He’s so busy being all things to all people he has nothing left for himself.

3. If I had never watched Jericho what would you say to urge me to watch?

I would say that Jericho has something to offer all different types of people. It’s unique and diverse. Even before the “Save Jericho” campaign and the cast began to communicate with us, I felt the characters were easy to connect with much like friends and neighbors.

4. Would you join a Jericho Fan Club? Why or why not?

A few weeks ago I would have said, “Not on your life” because to me fan clubs were something that kids joined before the internet. Now I’m not so sure. I guess it will depend on what the fan club offers. Deep down I feel that CBS has already given us a fan club through the message board and blog, but I will support anything the Jericho fandom chooses to do primarily because I respect and admire those involved.

5. What would you like to see a Fan Club do whether you would join or not?

Provide information about the show and cast that cannot be obtained through the message board or Producers’ blog and is not immediately available to non-members or the media. Like what in the world is the tattoo under “May” on Skeet’s forearm or is the rumor about him having one on the back of his neck true? Or maybe photo shoots of the cast members’ homes so we can have a peek into their private lives to get to know them better. Jericho merchandise is already available and I have practically an entire Jericho wardrobe, but I would like something with the actual cast members on it and that would have to be sanctioned by CBS.

6. Anything else you'd like to add about yourself or Jericho?

Skeet Ulrich will never know it, but he probably saved my life by sharing the story of his, even though he says he doesn’t like to be himself in front of the camera. Also, I have done things in the past couple of months that I never thought I would do – all in the name of promoting Jericho and getting another season. This came along at a time in my life when I needed something entertaining to focus on; and I thank God daily for the people I’ve met on these boards for they are truly special individuals.

And very special are you Skeeterbit. Thank you.


openminded1 said...
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openminded1 said...

I love Skeeterbit yes I do!!!

I love Skeeterbit how bout you?!?!?!?!

kestral said...

Skeeterbit, you are truly a wonderful person! I am thankful to have met you through this campaign. If I wasn't a fan already, I would be watching now! ROCK ON!!!

kystorms said...

Wonderful interview! I am thrilled to see this being done :-)

I too can see how if I were not already a fan of the show that Skeeterbit's words would make me want to watch to see what it was she was had such passion about!

maybei said...

Great interview! and what a cool idea to interview the fans.

Kmac said...

Skeeterbit, YOU ROCK!!!!! This is a great interview!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, Skeeterbit, I love you too. This was great, and I so agree with so much of what you said. The people I have met in this movement have been great, wonderful people.

Charlene (Briarpatch)

Rich said...


My hat is off to Skeeterbit and Jericho Monster. This is really a great idea and worthy as an example on the piece I'm writing tomorrow. :) Well done.

All my best to you both,

Jericho Saved said...

My thanks again to Skeeterbit and many thanks to all of you for commenting/digging.
Thanks Rich. I always love your Sat. articles!!

IMDeeDee said...

Great idea to interview the fans! It's interesting to all the different reasons people are passionate about Jericho.