Thursday, August 2, 2007

Moonves, Money, and CBS

"CBS suffers sharp decline in earnings"

"Investors Flip The Channel On CBS"

"CBS's Moonves 'Very Pleased' With How Advertisers View TV
But he also acknowledged that the venue is in the midst of great change, with ratings for commercials now gaining sway over commercials for programs.
So-called C3 ratings, which account for viewership of commercial breaks but also include viewers who watch TV ads as much as three days after they air with digital video recorders, are fast becoming standard, said Mr. Moonves."

According to this article by David Kiley, "In gearing up for Nielsen ratings of commercial viewing, not just the programs, CBS has been tinkering with some terrible ideas. The worst is probably the practice of cutting up the monologue of Craig Ferguson, host of The Late Late Show, in half by inserting a four minute pod of commercials. Yikes. How stupid does CBS think we are. Those who are up at that hour to watch the moderately talented Ferguson aren’t going to tune in long under that scenario."


We have the opportunity to make history again...As you know we Rangers are faithful voters in TV_Vote Poll for the best shows of all time..

* We average about 507 votes each day.
* We currently need 1,151 votes to make make the number 1 place in the Daily Top 40 poll.
* We will need 4,139 votes (as of today) to make it into the Top 40 shows of all time!
* Looking at our average totals we should hold the #1 Daily Top 40 poll by this weekend, and Jericho could hold a one of the spots in the top 40 best shows of all time in less than 2 weeks.

If we start a Pass the Peanut Marathon it might not only help with the numbers, but also add a bit of fun to the whole voting process!


kestral said...

Great idea!! I think I've already seen this put into practice at the CBS boards today!! I caught the peanut, voted, and passed it along!

Jericho Saved said...

Thanks for commenting. Yes, this was a great idea about passing the peanut. Credit goes to Rodlee. It's fun.