Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas From Margie and Edna

Christmas in Jericho is a very special time. From shopping for the perfect gift to visiting with neighbors Jericho is the place to be. This year many things have changed but this town will survive. Just like Margie and Edna.

The old girls have seen a lot of holidays pass in this town and not even bombs can deter them from sipping elderberry cordials in the parlor and speaking of Christmas.

Let's listen in.


Margie: Edna, our tree sure looks skimpy this year.

Edna: Margie, I think it looks just lovely, considering what we've been through this year.

Margie: Well, I never saw so many nuts on a tree. And look at that corn.

Edna: There's one nut in this room that isn't on the tree, and I'm looking at her. Besides, we had to make do with what we had available, and there were no cranberries for stringing this year. I think the tree looks just lovely. The glitter on the peanuts was a nice touch.

Margie: If you hadn't put your old ugly beads on there. Men never gave you nice gifts.

Edna: Well, it's not my fault that your husbands were such cheapskates when it came to presents. Besides, I think the rhinestones give it a nice sparkle.

Margie: You're a Grinch Edna. You won't spoil my Christmas. I won't have it.

Edna: You old bat, no one's trying to spoil anyone's Christmas, we're making the best of things. Do you remember the nice Christmases we had when we were girls?

Margie: Yes. Mama always made her Molasses cake. She knew it was my favorite.

Edna: That's not why she made it, you selfish thing. She made it because she knew it was the best cake she made, and she knew that it put Mrs. Richmond's cake to shame every year at the Christmas bazaar.

Margie: Mama said Mrs. Richmond made her cakes from leather batter.

Edna: I know she did, and she was right. Mrs. Richmond was a lovely woman, but she couldn't bake a decent cake to save her life.

Margie: I can just see the sideboard lined up with Mama's turnips and beet pickles. What do you remember?

Edna: I remember how she used to make spiced apple dumplings, I sure do miss those. I never could make them the way Mama did. I also remember Daddy stuffing his face on all of Mama's good cooking.

Margie: Daddy did love to eat. And, Grandpa drank his coffee from a saucer. Edna, remember when Daddy told you not to make unpleasant sounds at the table?

Edna: I do remember, and I also remember how you were the one making the unpleasant sounds, and blaming it on me. You always did love to get me in trouble.

Margie: Edna, I was the one who put salt instead of sugar in Daddy's coffee.

Edna: I knew it! I couldn't sit down for a week after I got punished for that. Do you remember how Mama used to remind us about our table manners?

Margie: Yes. Mama always told us to be sweet tempered. That wasn't you.

Edna: That wasn't you, either. You used to pick your teeth at the table, and oh how Daddy would yell!

Margie: My Daddy never yelled you old shrew.

Edna: I remember what I remember, and you can't tell me different. I also remember how much Mama loved having good food prepared for all the friends and neighbors who would stop by the house. Do you remember that, Margie?

Margie: I do remember all our visitors. Mama said she invited the Greens because she wasn't going there and have to drink Mrs. Green's muddy coffee.

Edna: Well, not everyone had the magic touch with food like Mama did. Do you remember how she used to say that " Ill-prepared food provokes ill-humor" so everything had to be just right.

Margie: She sure did. She was right too. That's why we're good cooks today.

Edna: Well, I know I’m a good cook. Everything you make tastes like vinegar. That must be your ill-humor coming through.

Margie: Everything makes you ill-humored. That reminds me. I got you a present.

Edna: Oh Margie, you did? It's a good thing that I got one for you, too.

Margie: I had to wrap it in a page from the Sears catalog. I picked the men's underwear page just for you.

Edna: Margie, you know me too well. I hope you like your gift, I didn't have anything to wrap it in but this old piece of muslin from my hope chest.

Margie: Hope chest? Remember when we used to open our presents after dinner? You'd put everything in that hope chest.

Edna: That's right; I used to put them there with all of my special things. Margie, do you remember the year that Mama and Daddy gave us those matching velvet dresses? We looked so nice going to church that year.

Margie: Well, I'm surprised the church was still standing after you went inside.

Edna: Margie, you take that back. I was only a little girl and besides, I hadn't met any of your husbands yet.

Margie: Shut up or no present you Fruit Loop. I can't stand to look at you sometimes.

Edna: Margie, where's your Christmas spirit? Your sense of goodwill towards others?

Margie: I have goodwill towards others. Just not towards you.

Edna: Margie, you know as well as I do that family is all we have left. You should cherish me, you old bat. Do you remember that year that Santa left you coal in your stocking? I bet that wasn't your favorite Christmas present, was it?

Margie: You got switches. My favorite present was the year Daddy gave me that puppy. I named her Daisy. Remember?

Edna: I do remember Daisy, she piddled all over my nice patent leather shoes, and she chewed up my new hat at Easter time. You taught her to do that, didn't you?

Margie: I did.

Edna: I knew it!

Margie: And it wasn't you who wet your bed.

Edna: I never thought I did, you old meanie. Here's my present for you, I know it's not much, but it's all I could do this year, what with things being such short supply. I crocheted you a cozy for your hot water bottle. It's even your favorite color, pink. It's not jewelry, but it will keep you warm on these cold Kansas nights.

Margie: That's nice Edna. I can say one thing for sure. Christmas means Jericho to me and Jericho means peace and goodwill to all.

Edna: That is surely true, Margie. Do you have a Christmas wish?

Margie: Yes, I wish that Jericho will return to normal in 2008.

Edna: You know what Margie? That's my wish, too. Merry Christmas, sister.

Margie: Merry Christmas, sister. Goodnight.

MERRY CHRISTMAS From Margie and Edna.



terocious said...

Happy Holidays Margie and Edna from Cousin T!!!

maybei said...

Happy Holidays to my favorite ladies from Jericho!!!

I love you both and you make Jericho a fun place to be :-)

AmyV said...

Merry Christmas, ladies!

Jericho Saved said...

Margie here. I hope all of you dears had wonderful holidays. Edna & I see lots of things happening around here. We'll have all the goss-news-soon.