Friday, February 8, 2008

Free Jericho Calendar

Thank you to Gwen and selini44 for this wonderful Jericho calendar.

Title: Free Jericho 2008 Year-At-A-Glance Calendar

The free Jericho 2008 year-at-a-glance calendar is now available for downloading and printing.

This full-color calendar contains images of characters from the show and highlights several key Jericho events (with additional dates are listed on our website).

This calendar is available to all Jericho fans. Post it in your work cubicle, give it to your friends to remind them of airdates, hand it out during your Jericho premier party, or simply put it on your refrigerator.

Special thanks to Selini44 from www.Jericho-Kansas.com who came up with the idea and gathered the information for the calendar.

Amy's daily Jericho Fix.

Thanks Amy.


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