Monday, February 4, 2008

Passport To Jericho

Thanks to Kystorms for suggesting that we recognize our international readers. People from the countries listed below have visited the Monster this week and I wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank You.

If there is anything I could blog about for you please leave a comment.

Canada**** Venezuela

UK**** Norway

Pakistan ****Phillipines

Russian Federation ****Romania

Switzerland ****France

Germany ****Spain

Belgium ****Australia

New Zealand ****Peru

Brazil ****Netherlands

Special Announcement:

Jeritopia Rocks.

Chats ahead:

Monday Feb. 4-- Townsperson Jennie Sword--9 p.m. CST

Wed. Feb. 6-- Carol Barbee-- 11pm ET

Mark your calendar now.

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kystorms said...

Can you believe how many different countries have Jericho Fans? I think it is so great!

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