Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Open Letter To Karim Zreik

The recent chat with you in Jeritopia was excellent. One part in particular caught my eye. You were asked this question by dbalcer:

" We love townjennie. When we get Season 3 can we get more of her storyline?"

"We all love townjennie," Karim replied. "What would you guys like to see townjennie do next season? Hey, perhaps that'll be a good contest:you guys write her."

Jennie's fans are waiting for the contest. We hope you were serious. Here are a few fan comments:

"My affinity for TownJennie is mostly because she's made herself so accessible to the fans. She has been in direct contact with the fans since she posted on the CBS boards, and it feels like she became our "friend" after Season 1. I guess I'd like to learn more about her character, and I'd also like my Jericho "friend" to have bigger success within the show. In addition, I also think she represents what most of us want for ourselves, to be taken from the background and out into the limelight."

"One of the reasons I want her to get a bigger part is that she has something special that made it so we could identify her. The she made herself available to us and shared her stories on the sets. She is one of them granted in a small role but wants to be one of us too."

" When Jennie first posted at CBS I wasn't sure who she was but people started talking about her so I began to pay attention. I finally saw her picture and saw some videos.I thought she was very pretty then I read an interview about her. She is so down to earth and seems to love the show and her job. She feels like a friend. I want her her to have a bigger role because she deserves it. We want Jennie."

" Jennie is a super nice lady. She's as pretty as Ashley or Sprague. Maybe more. I think she could do a good job in a bigger part."

" Jennie is the kind of person who makes everybody feel special. She deserves a much bigger role."

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Balceroregontr said...

I would love to know more of Jennie's storyline because we have seen her all over town. She was a part of the crowd in the first seasn but there was something about her that set her apart from the other regulars. She reached out to the fans and you could tell that she was special. I think it would interesting to see Jennie be more active in season 3. Maybe we could find out where she lives and who her family is. We could find out how she was affected by the bombs. Jennie is truly talented.

LisiBee said...

I would love a fan contest to write Jennie's backstory, think of how fun that would be! I sincerely hope that this becomes a reality; at the very least, I hope we end up seeing more of her, even if a professional writer develops her backstory. ;) And of course, for this to become a reality, we need a Season 3, so fingers crossed for that too.

Jericho Returns said...

Thanks Debby & Lisibee. I agree with both of you. Jennie is very special & has a way with the fans. I'd love to know more about her family and where she came from and why she's always creeping around town.

A contest would be a wonderful way to let the fans write her as they see her. It would be fun even if they used parts of different stories.

maybei said...

I would also like to know more about Jennie. A contest would be a fun way to see what the fans want from a character they have come to know and look for in the show.