Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Breaking News: CBS Press Release

"Source: CBS Press Release.

On-Air + Online + On-DVR = Many More Eyeballs and Double Digit Percentage Demo Increases

"Jericho" and "Big Brother" Viewer Engagement Across Multi-Platforms Is Far Greater Than Initial Same Day Ratings Indicate

On-air, online and on-DVR viewing are resulting in many more eyeballs for CBS series JERICHO and BIG BROTHER, according to Nielsen Live Plus 7-Day ratings and new data from CBS Interactive Research.


According to Nielsen Live Plus 7-Day ratings, JERICHO's second season premiere (Feb. 12) ratings increased by +15% in adults 18-49 (3.0/07 from 2.6/07), +17% in adults 25-54 (3.5/08 from 3.0/07) and by more than one million viewers (8.14m from 7.13m, +14%) compared to its live plus same day ratings.

According to CBS Interactive Research, the second season premiere episode of JERICHO was streamed 520,000 times across the CBS Audience Network during its first week (Feb. 12-18) and 700,000 times over a 14-day period (Feb. 12-25).

JERICHO's other online engagement during its second season premiere week included 760,000 streams of episodes from its first season and 130,000 streams of various clips, upping JERICHO's first week cumulative streams to 1.41 million.

Additional online engagement for JERICHO that week included five times the volume of JERICHO searches vs. the prior four weeks, seven times the daily traffic to JERICHO message boards (compared to mid-January traffic) and three times the average daily blog posts. "


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