Thursday, March 6, 2008

Why Not Emily ?

"Do you think this is all a corporate plot? If so, does that make sense or make your head hurt? Or do you think nutjob elements of the government found this contingency plan and decided to play it out? And why did Bonnie have to die -why couldn't it have been Emily?"

"However, as we begin to turn our attention to this year's upfront market, the question we find ourselves asking is, Do TV ratings still stand up as a reliable and usable measure that advertisers, agencies and broadcasters need to make the right investment decisions? In a multiplatform, digital media world where engagement is as important as headcount, it's time to think about a different currency.

This is why we developed the Content Power Rating. This is the first and most comprehensive survey of its kind that ranks network and cable programs size across broadcast TV, web, online video and mobile; its value in terms of PR and word-of-mouth buzz; and audience appeal. The purpose of this report is to provide an independent assessment of a TV program's true commercial value and footprint. Content Power Ratings is a currency to value TV shows for networks, producers, advertisers and sponsors."


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