Friday, May 30, 2008

Fans Say: Bring Back Bela

The Bela Talbot Movement

Please sign the petition to bring her back to Supernatural.

"he CW is a network that has some of the best television shows on today. One of their standout shows is Supernatural. Supernatural is about two brothers, Sam & Dean, who hunt demons, ghosts, vampires, etc.. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are of course the two main stars, but the show also has an awesome cast of recurring characters, some who have made a bigger impact then others. One of the characters that has made the most impact on the show is Bela Talbot (played by Lauren Cohan), who is a beautiful but menacing thief that always manages to screw over the two brothers for money or priceless artifacts. Just recently her character was killed off, but the show is called Supernatural so it is possible for her to be brought back. She needs to come back for another season because she has provided us with some of the most memorable moments on the show and she also has excellent on-screen chemistry with the boys (especially Jensen). The Bela Talbot Movement has begun. "BBB"


Blogs4others said...

Thanks for stopping by and dropping a card. I really appreciate it.

Christine Bean

Jennifer said...


Bela was the cancer that was killing Supernatural.

Did you notice that the lowest ratings of the season were ALWAYS the episode after there was a lot of Bela? That's because the ratings actually correspond better with the previous week. People loathed Red Sky at Morning (I had to turn it off), so ratings the next week sucked because people said screw it.

Bela served no purpose and went against everything the show has ever been about.

Good. Riddance.

Sweet Tea said...

Christine, thank you for stopping by and commenting.

Thank you too Jennifer. I found Lauren to be a superb actress and I also found the writers made Bela very unsympathetic. Fans seem to love Bela or hate her without much in-between. It seems the writing was lacking something almost as if they weren't sure what to do with Bela.

LisiBee said...

Jennifer, I respectfully disagree with your statements about Bela's negative effect on the ratings. If you look at the ratings trends throughout the entire third season, the only significant fluctuations (and dips) you see are between the episodes that aired after the show's return from the writer's strike. It's doubtful that you can place the blame for that fully on Bela. Prior to the strike, there are only minor fluctuations. And the lowest ratings of the season is for the post-strike episode, "Ghostfacers", which I think could be blamed more on the two-month hiatus than anything else.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, like ther others, I'm gonna have to agree wit disagree with you.
I've been a fan of Bela's character since she first appeared and think she brought an excellent dynamic to the show. I think her character was really good for Dean - she dished up to Dean what Dean dished up to everyone else - smart arse comments designed to antagonise others.

I was surprised to find this, as I thought a majority of the fans hated the character. I agree the writers did her no favours, especially with RSAM (Eric has gone on record and said this too), but the character was an interesting, complex addition to the show.

She was not the "cancer that was killing Supernatural" - what's killing Supernatural in the States is the lack of promotion it seems to be getting, though hopefully that'll change.

I'll be honest and say I'm not that optimistic about the writers bringing her back, but I would support the re-introduction of her.

I'm going to post a link to this on my LJ account, if that's ok :)

Sweet Tea said...

Thank you, LisiBee, for that information.

kezzie-du, thank you. I agree with every word you said. You're more than welcome to post the link at LJ.

NaedMas said...

Bela was an annoying character (not the actress, she is fine, this is not about her at all!) and not in the "love to hate" way. I hated the way she was made to outdo the boys when she was on! I want my heroes to be on top, not some worthless, shoe-horned in character who just used up airspace that could have been spent developing the guys and their family backstory more. I won't be buying season 3's DVDs because of the addition of rubela. I am only purchasing the eps. on-line that are rubela free.

Kody said...

Bela was a hoirribly written character and every episode she appeared in had to dumb down the Winchester boys in order to allow her to get one over on them. It was a horrible fiasco and should not be repeated. I wish the actress good luck in her career and hope she finds a character in another project which will be written well.

Sweet Tea said...

Naedmas, thank you for commenting. I'm happy to see that you separate the actress from the character because Lauren gave great performances despite the poor writing. I have to have Season 3 though.

Kody, thanks for commenting. That's what puzzles me- this show is so well written yet the writing for Bela was a disaster. I wonder why.

Winchester07 said...

I don't feel the writing for Bela was terrible. I feel the rabid fangirls just never gave her a fair chance. Yes, the show is about two brothers but that doesn't mean there can't be supporting female actresses as well. I was sad to see Jo leave and though Bela, as a charater, was not very likable, Lauren Cohen is a very good actresses and she just didn't get a chance. Bela and Ruby were thrown to the lions before they even appeared on the screen.

I do hope they bring Bela and Ruby back.

Winchester07 said...
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Sweet Tea said...

Thank you winchester07. Excellent points. I read where Kripke himself had suggested that Bela might be a love interest for Dean. I also saw chemistry with Ruby and Sam. Fangirls are fine but I don't see why Kripke-if he did- was willing to remove a character because some fangirls can't get past being jealous of a fictional character. I have enjoyed all the female characters.
Yes, I'd like to see Ruby come back too.

Anonymous said...

I didn't even realize Bella had been killed off until I read this.

I'm sadder that DemonRuby was killed off even more than I am about Dean dying and going to hell. I was expecting Dean's death but not DemonRuby's. (Ruby could still be alive but the demon is gone so it might or might not be the same character)

Bella was o.k. but she just didn't have the same type of emotional impact to me that Ruby did. Bella was always out for only herself and didn't seem to really care one way or the other about S&D. Whereas Ruby, while she had her own agenda, was about helping our boys which is always good...plus I liked Sam and her together.

Sweet Tea said...

sunryse00, thank you for commenting. I liked Ruby too and I thought she and Sam had great chemistry. Maybe both ladies will be back? I'd love that.