Monday, June 30, 2008

Blackjack Fairgrounds: Jericho Blog Carnival

The Monster is proud to present this carnival and many thanks go to Amy Vernon and Gwen for allowing it to continue. Thank you to all those who have participated. Let's go!

Phil from New Film Dimension gave permission to post about his blog entry:
Jericho: Still Strong and Supporting It.

This was a nice message of support and a wonderful collage of Jericho photographs.

The Jericho Online Crew gave permission to post about the Jericho Online game.
There is a description of the game on the home page. I played this game in the last round and it's a lot of fun. The next round starts on August 18th. The game staff are very responsive to questions and suggestions. Improvements to the game are made between the rounds. They recently added a forum, so you can talk to fellow players.

Wes at the Wycliffe Papers gave permission to post about his new story.
Wes e-mailed this about his story:
"Jericho -- The Third Event aims to provide, in narrative form, a pseudo-third season for the beloved television series. Characters from the first season will make surprise appearances, obscure and mysterious players from the second season will come into play, and new personae will also be thrown into the fray. The Third Event involves the course of the Second War Between the States, or The Second American Civil War, and consists of the military campaign between the ASA and the USA as well as political intrigue on the national and international level. The adventures involving characters from Jake Green to President Snowden and Valente to President Tomarchio promise to bring a justified extension to the story of Jericho."

Gwen is submitting these three links:
There have been two wonderful articles on Lennie James
Lennie James's Open Letter

Fallout: Damilola was just the beginning but I also stumbled upon this rare treat a video of Lennie James performing a speech by Brutus in Julus Caesar.

Gwen is submitting an article from Naples Daily News on American values in TV shows

Gwen is submitting an article from Helium
Jericho: Fiction or our possible future?

Jane and Beth of Margie and Edna's Basement present:
Exclusive: Jennie Sword Visits The Basement.

Amy of Remote Access submitted:
Jericho keeps making the news.

Terocious from Jericho Junction submits:
Jericho: Small Town on the Big Screen?

Debby submitted this entry from Jericho Junction:

The next edition of Blackjack Fairgrounds will be published on July 30th, with a submission deadline of July 25th. Submissions can be e-mailed to blackjack@jerichojki.com

The Blackjack Fairgrounds thanks you for your patronage.


AmyV said...

thanks for hosting, jane! and thanks to gwen for keeping the carnival alive

erika said...

YAY! New carnival! I missed the deadline this time around because my schedule is so kooky, but I hope to contribute next month. Great job, as usual, Jane!!

Anonymous said...

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