Wednesday, June 18, 2008


"IN A very short time, Hulu has rocketed from nothing to being one of the top video destinations on the Internet. We've all heard the years of trade-show claptrap about television-Web "convergence," but Hulu has come as close as possible to turning your computer into a TV without actually sending a tech to monkey around with the hardware and wiring.

Maybe more important, it's also shaping up as a key proving ground in the ongoing philosophical debate about what people want from Web-based entertainment.

How do you Hulu? You don't have to pay anything, download a special player or even register your name or e-mail address. The site, which went up in mid-March, is free; in exchange for watching relatively brief ads, you get access to complete high-resolution episodes of top TV series such as "24" and "30 Rock," as well as impressively cataloged clips from "Saturday Night Live" and other shows. (The movie roster is somewhat less formidable, unless you consider "The Payaso Comedy Slam" or "Snake Eater" the apex of cinematic art.)"


erika said...

OMG, I adore hulu! It is a great idea executed quite well.

terocious said...

Seems like just yesterday we were Digging its introduction.

Marilyn said...

I only recently found Hulu, but I'm honestly addicted. My only complaint is they don't have ALL the episodes of MAJOR DAD. ::pout:: Still, I'm happy to watch brief commercials in order to see shows well worth watching.