Monday, June 16, 2008

Blackjack Fairgrounds Blog Carnival Returns

"Blackjack Fairgrounds, the Jericho Blog Carnival started by Amy Vernon at Remote Access, is back open for business. Amy has agreed to let JKI take over the operation of Blackjack Fairgrounds.

For those of you who have not heard of a Blog Carnival, it is a collection of links about a particular subject. Blackjack Fairgrounds is looking for submissions that are of interest to Jericho fans. These submissions can be announcements, articles, blog entries, discussions, fan fiction, humor or anything else that might interest a Jericho fan. As long as you can provide a link you can submit it! The submission deadline is June 25th, and the current edition of Blackjack Fairgrounds will open on June 30th. Submissions can be made here or you can e-mail blackjack@jerichojki.com.

Blackjack Fairgrounds is also looking for hosts. If you want Blackjack Fairgrounds to come to your corner of the Jericho fandom, then offer to host one of the road show editions. Our host for the June road show edition is The Monster."

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