Monday, June 23, 2008

Supernatural: The Ride of Your Life

What a wild ride it has been watching my Supernatural DVD's. I usually hate starting a show then trying to catch up but I didn't mind doing that here. I watched the last few episodes of Season 3 on TV and knew I had to buy the DVD's. (Thank you, LisiBee)!

If you aren't watching this show then you are missing the best series on TV today. The writing is the best and there are no characters elsewhere like the Winchester boys. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are excellent actors and they make Dean and Sam come to life. Well, I'd better not talk about them or this post won't be about the show.

What I do want to mention is that everyone who has a role on this show does an amazing job. Look at Samantha Ferris who plays Ellen. Ellen is a strong woman who isn't afraid to say exactly what she thinks. There's no nonsense about her. You may remember Samantha from the 4400. The only problem here is that Ellen is not in Season 3 and we never know what happened to her.

Ellen has a daughter named Jo who is played by Alona Tal. I admit I wasn't too impressed with Jo in the beginning. Maybe it was because of her interest in my Dean? I did come to like Jo and I think Alona was perfect for that part. Once again, though, there's that nasty disappearing act where Jo just isn't seen again and we arent't told what happened to her. Kripke, that's a bad habit. Could we get some closure here?

You just have to love Ash. Chad Lindberg does such an outstanding job. You'll have to watch him to believe how he pulls off Ash to perfection. He's just brilliant!

What can I say about Jim Beaver who plays Bobby Singer? Another fine actor. Not only is Jim loved for Supernatural but he's a man of many talents. Read more about him here.

Last but not least is the yellow-eyed demon. Well, his real name is Fredric Lehne and I enjoyed his role a lot. Fredric has appeared in over 200 films, mini-series, and television shows plus many stage productions.

This is truly a great show and I can't wait for Season 4. Give it a shot and I think it will surprise you. It has definitely surprised me. I love this show.

Who could possibly not fall in love with Jensen and Jared?

P.S. Mr. Kripke, may we please have the Roadhouse back? And Ellen, Jo, Ash, Bela, and Meg?

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LisiBee said...

You're welcome Jane, I knew you'd like the show if you gave it a chance. What I didn't anticipate was how quickly you'd fall in love with it. Although in retrospect, I suppose I should have. This show is well-written, gripping, and aesthetically pleasing (ahem). What's not to love? :D

And I completely agree with you, I need closure for Jo--she just went poof after the second season. Poor Ellen, too. Where has she been all this time?