Monday, July 16, 2007

Digg Tutorial

1. Join

2. You can use the search feature at top right and type in Jericho. This will pull up everything that has Jericho in the title. Some will not be about our Jericho show so feel free to skip those. Just click on digg.

3. You may visit a website where you will see a Digg This button. It could be on the left or right. Some websites put the small Digg button at the end of their article so just look around.

4. If the Digg button shows a zero then you will be the first digger. This means you will have to submit the story by writing a short synopes and picking the category in which it belongs. It only takes a minute or so when you get used to it.

5.Once a submission has earned a critical mass of Diggs, it becomes “popular” and jumps to the homepage in its category. If it becomes one of the most popular, it qualifies as a “Top 10”. If a submission doesn't receive enough Diggs within a certain time period, it eventually falls out of the “Upcoming” section.
The system only works when users actively participate on a large scale, so make sure to do your part and Digg and content that matters to you!

6.Invite your friends or find them on Digg and add them to your friends list. Then your friends can track what you’re Digging and you can see what they Digg as well, enabling you to collectively find news together.


Susan Davis said...

Great help once I drank that second cup of coffee and actually saw step 1.....Join. But like a few other sites I can not get the Digg to work here. I just don't get why it works some places and not others.

Jericho Saved said...

I'm really puzzled. Do you have cookies on? Two more people said they're having the same problem.
Thanks for visiting.

jackie said...

I didn't have any trouble digging, but I thought I'd loose what little mind I had trying to remember my Google password. Thanks for the training, I've been digging and commenting all over since Monday!

Jericho Saved said...

Thank you so much. This helps more than you know. Check my new blog:
which is where I'm going to be posting all the tutorials as I can.
Thanks for commenting.

erika said...

YAY! And I have posted an article so everyone else can just Digg. And I wouldn't have known how easy this was if I hadn't been encouraged by your tutorial.

Jericho Saved said...

Good for you. Thanks. I'm so happy the tutorials are helpful. Try my new blog:
and please let me know if there's a tutorial you'd like to see.
Thanks for commenting.