Thursday, July 19, 2007

To All Old and New Jericho Rangers

The following was written by DarkCrystal :

Dear Jericho Fans;

As a most humble representative of your ranks, it has come to my attention, and most certainly the attention of people actually watching the outcome of this fan based action, that somehow, you all think that this show is safe, and that the job is done.

It is not. No matter what kind of flowery spin the media or Nina Tassler or anybody puts on it, your show, the very show that you all spent time and money on to get back, is still in danger. It still needs your help.

This fandom is very unique. Most fandoms just get to sit around, make friends, talk to each other, talk about the characters and storylines and be what normal fans can be. Our fandom is not, and cannot be that way until we are past these seven episodes and virtually guaranteed a Season 3. We aren't given that chance to be normal, because we stepped forward and basically put ourselves out there to say that we were going to be faithful to this show, give us a chance, tell US what it will take to save this show, keep this show, and preserve this show. And we got it. But we only got part of it.

The show needs numbers. And now that the review episodes are gone, and the pilot episodes are gone, and now we are into the second half of the season without a rope, it's going to be more and more difficult to get people to watch and stay watching during those first thirty most vital minutes. CBS will do their part, as much as they deem fit, whether we like it or not. We HAVE to do our newly designated part to meet them halfway.

The Nielsen ratings suck. We can't change them overnight to suit our needs. We have to play on that field, under those rules, because the ball is already in play. We have to finish the game under the existing rules, that is just how it has to be. It's like finding a needle in a haystack. NCIS has had no problem finding said Needles. CSI found those needles. Ghost Whisperer found needles to keep them from going over the brink. We have the opportunity and several chances to find those needles, something that they don't have to do, but we do.

The media is coming out with quotes and articles on Jericho again. Blogs are starting to kick into motion again. Don't just hang on what you want it to say, or one part you want to believe in, and disregard the rest. As ka4ist and others have stressed many times, read it. Reread it. Digest it. Read between the lines. Read how the words are carefully stated. And even if it is positive, don't get lax and figure that it's all good and taken care of. Because, the reality is, it's not. This is also the same corporation who rushed to announcement, without even having the actor's resigned, just to get us to stop nutting them. This is the same corporation who made no bones about it, that they would do what they could, but it was in the fan's hands to get people to watch, and that things were still reliant upon their system, nothing else. Nothing has changed, other than us as fans who have sat back and just figured the deed is done, and it will take care of itself. (Or at least that is what the general actions have conveyed.)

Participate. Those of us who were around for Save Jericho still have a job to do. Operation Watch Jericho is still in our hands. It's ok to have fun, make friends amongst us, and have some relaxation moments, but not a permanent siesta. We still are charged with the mission to get out there, motivate present fans to keep watching even if they can recite the script line for line. We have to get newbies to the seats, and unconfused about the storyline since they are REALLY coming in mid stride now. We are all ambassadors in this, and each and every one of us has to welcome the newbies into the mythology and intricacies of the show, and get them to sit and watch it. And to keep watching it. If they get hooked, gettng them to help spread the love afterwards will come naturally to them, as it has to us. For the present fans, they need to be attentive, follow through with the deal that was made with us to watch, watch it their way, and to finish this game with a desirable result.

We have to prove that we are not a bunch of splinter groups, and cliques, and that we still take the future of this show very seriously. We have to prove that we are still one fandom under Jericho. Indivisible. For the sanctity and preservation of a show that a lot of us worked hard on. Personal egos, have GOT to go. We came together to save the show. We aren't done yet.

In closing, many of you are my friends. Others I haven't gotten to know you yet, but hope that I do. But let's remember what we all came here to do: we all stepped forward on the internet for the show. And this show, regardless of everything, still needs our help, and it's still going to be a long haul between now and the end of the year, but what we do now, is STILL vital to the survival of the show.

The fat lady was only clearing her throat. She still has an entire opera to get through.


Anonymous said...

No offense, but you are not telling us anything that we don't already know.
I go to comment at website that mention JERICHO and there are only a handful of comments. Fans KNOW that they should comment, but they aren't.
How do we reach and convince the Neilsen families out there to watch the show?? I don't know.
If you have any ideas about this, I sure would like to hear them.

Jericho Saved said...

As I have said many times there is only one way to reach Nielsen families and that is to reach out and advertise Jericho to everybody we possibly can. Comments, diggs, forums, social networking, whatever it takes. If we know any Rangers who used to be on the board but aren't anymore we should try to find them.
Everybody should have a Myspace page because over 70 million people visit there every month.
Thanks for your comment. I'm glad to see you're interested.