Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tassler Talks Jericho

Nina Tassler, the CBS network's president of entertainment, made a few statements today and many were about Jericho. You can find all the links at my blog Arabelles Alley. I did want to mention a few of her comments.

1. She admitted the hiatus was a mistake.(We always said that).

2. Tassler also admits she went on the Jericho message board to read comments.
"You want an audience to care as much as these people care," she said. "I went on the message boards and read the emails. It seemed like a segment of the population felt they weren't being counted."
(That's still true. Nothing has changed. CBS still counts only Nielsen families.)

3. About those summer ratings we thought were bad she says,"We're seeing a number a little bit better than we hoped for. It's a really chance for new viewers to get informed. And old viewers to be reminded. So we'll see."

4. Tassler says Jericho fans "had a knowledge and awareness of the show that was so passionate and so detailed."

5. She says the " volume and intensity of the fan campaign" was what saved the show.

6. Tassler commented that the Nielsen's "didn't reflect the kind of fan loyalty" the show had either. ( They still don't).

7. As for online campaigns Tassler says, "People really revealed how involved they were. And you also got a chance to see the way people talk to each other. I mean, that's really unique. It's one thing when you've got an audience communicating to someone at the network. But you really had a chance to see the way they talked to each other, the way they communicated about characters, the way they talked about storylines. That gives you a very unique opportunity right now. So I think we are looking at a shift and a change."

Stay tuned tomorrow for comments from the stars and producers.

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