Monday, November 26, 2007

Blogs: Some of My Favorites

Sunday is my off day so I don't publish my blogs. However, I've decided to feature some of my favorite, non-Jericho blogs today. I hope you'll pay them a visit.

Part time model and a full time webmistress from Southern California! Sasha's blog:

Gadgets News-she has gadgets you won't believe!


"Sharing a passion for our planet earth and all living things."

Eye of the Dolphin


"Pastry arts graduate shares her personal stories, five careers, love of movies, music, art and television, her critiques, and opinions of the world at large."

Beautiful blog by Theresa. Eat something before you read!


"A discussion about the popular friends with benefits trend."

From iluvmonkeys2.


"Kevin writes one of the most popular humor blogs on myspace.com, this is his off myspace blog, updated monday through friday with an off beat look at pop culture" and more.


All these blogs and more can be found at BlogCatalog.

1 comment:

dolphin said...

aww.. how cool .. thank you for mentioning me. that was unexpected!

hope you have a wonderfully fabulous day!