Monday, November 26, 2007

JerichoMonster: Urgent Help Needed

Tues. Update:

A wonderful Jericho fan has agreed to foster my dog until I can work my situation out to get her back. We are in the process of working out transport from here in Alabama to her home in Indiana.

At this time it appears we need to send her by air. We've had several donations and I thank those donors with all my heart.

If you know of anyone who does transports or if you would like to donate it would be most appreciated. We don't have much time.

You will find a donation button on the right side of the page at:


Thank you all.

This picture is of my beloved Boo. I am desperate and begging for your help. Especially if you live in the North Alabama area.

Boo is an 11 month old mixed Labrador Retriever/Beagle that I cannot keep and cannot find a home for.

She is currently at a shelter here. They are a good organization and they have listed her at Petfinder and they have put ads in the local paper. No success so far.

I will have to pick her up this weekend if she is not adopted by then and I have nowhere to take her. She is a good dog and loves people and children. She has always lived inside.

If anyone can direct to any resource I will be forever grateful. If you live in my area and could give her a foster home I can buy her food.

Ideas, resources, anything will be greatly appreciated.

You may email me at sweat1951@rock.com

Thank you in advance.


Balceroregontr said...

What beautiful eyes she has. She would make some family a great Christmas present. I hope you have good news to post soon.

terocious said...

I am awaiting the good news as well.

kestral said...

I too will await good news. If anyone is passing through the northern Alabama area and will also be going through Indiana, please let me know. I will gladly give Boo a home for as long as it is needed.

Jane, I am hoping and praying for a safe and happy home for Boo. HUGS!!

LisiBee said...

Jane, you and your Boo are in my thoughts, I hope you are able to resolve this situation soon.

Anonymous said...

I put the word out in 3 groups.
Good luck!

Jericho Saved said...

I cannot than you all enough. Nothing I could ever say can convey how much I treasure all of you and your support.

Kestral, you are amazing. I'm trying to find transport now. Boo & I thank you.

We know Jericho fans are the best!!

Welcome2CHO said...

Looking into Boo's big, sweet, dark eyes made me want to cry. Hope all works out. I wish I was nearby to help you. Please let us know the outcome.