Wednesday, November 7, 2007

CBS and Teletrax

"Teletrax today announced that CBS Television Distribution (CTD) will electronically monitor and evaluate usage of its broadcast marketing and promotional content on television stations nationwide using the digital watermarking and broadcast tracking service. Teletrax is a subsidiary of Medialink Worldwide Incorporated .

CTD, a unit of CBS Corp. , a leader in worldwide television syndication, will utilize the Teletrax(TM) comprehensive suite of broadcast intelligence services to electronically monitor and analyze affiliate stations' usage of its on-air television show promotions across all 210 major cities, or DMAs, in the United States. Teletrax will provide CTD with reports detailing how its video content is used and aired by affiliate stations, so it can evaluate marketing campaign performance and more precisely measure return-on-investment and maximize overall profits."

"We've all read stories heralding the death of advertising as we know it. But have consumers really abandoned advertising?

The answer, it seems, rests on the shoulders of the people who buy our brands and recommend them to others -- not with advertisers, marketers or consultants. That's why we went straight to the source by visiting people's homes in Columbus, Ohio (a test-marketing Mecca) to do the unthinkable: mess with their media. We deprived them of their TiVos, their laptops and their cellphones. We added ourselves to their e-mail lists. We asked them to journal their feelings and attitudes. We discovered that consumers don't do what they say, and that they've become experts in ignoring and rejecting messages. They can instantly recognize messages that are irrelevant or ill-timed."

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