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Veronica Mars: Power of Fans II

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"Whether or not you watched Veronica Mars while it was on television, you should know that this was one series that was full of surprises and mystery.

One of the many surprises lies in the fact that this was actually a very smart and engaging series."

Veronica Mars' fans would certainly agree. Here's the final installment of my interview with four of them.

6. What do Veronica Mars fans want now? A movie?

"Every Veronica Mars fan still desperately wants a 4th season", says Sarah V. "Most however, have accepted that won't happen; and so we are hoping for a movie. A movie would be the next best thing! Although I think generally vm fans feel, that it will either happen, or it won't; but that their getting involved won't help -- which isn't true! Fans also want syndication, and some think Comic books are cool. We basically just want Veronica Mars to continue on in ANY way! But I think for the most part VM Fans just want to be heard. We're not satisfied with how the show was dealt with, we think it was too good to have ended; and we want the world to know just how much we love and miss it!"

Tami says, "We want to be treated with respect, not the way the CW treated us. We want a movie, preferably a trilogy of movies, we want syndication and we are also aiming for complete re-instatement."

"Absolutely! The movie is our goal, but also a fourth season, even if it it unlikely", says Sara P.

Rachel says,"I would love the show back or a direct to dvd season. But I don't see that as possible since cast and crew all have new jobs. So the next best thing would be a movie."

7. What happened with the Mars Bars campaign?

"We didn't think that they were really going to cancel VM, so we got started late. we were not able to stick with only "mars bars" since they are no long made in the states and are not readily available. we bought most of the available ones in the states",says Rachel

Sara P. says,"Apparently, we were late... The bars and marshmellow shipment was huge...but late. But it was great, even Rob mentioned our shipment."

"The Mars Bars Campaign was not as successful as it should have been, we started too late due to the fact the Cw did not give us a clear answer on whether Veronica mars was cancelled. No -one was around to film the delivery unlike the Jericho "nuts" campaign which appeared on you tube. We managed to raise an awfull lot of money for Candy Bars in a week. If we could of started earlier and had longer for our campaign, The Truckload of Candy may have made a difference to the outcome, due to the physical evidence of Veronicas Overwhelming Loyal Fan Base and the realisation we do not give up without one hell of a fight, as we are still proving with our continuing efforts",says Tami.

8. What are your feelings about Nielsen ratings?

"I'm not an expert on how the Neilsen Rating work; but I can tell you I think they should definitely find a better way to calculate ratings!! From what I've heard it seems they're are a lot of problems with their ratings system, and changes should be made to make it more accurate!",says Sarah V.

Tami says,"Not a reliable source for ratings. Who gets these nielson boxes? There isn't that many around. What if the new viewers that we get on board don't have nielson boxes? They won't be counted of course. Hardly Fair, especially in this day of fancy high tech wizardry. How do you count all the people at a Veronica Mars Viewing party? If there is 10 people in that room and they don't have a box? They don't count. Nielson is outdated."

9. Do you think HeyNielsen and the new Nielsen iFamily will help TV viewers?

"I think it will only be accurate when it is part of your tv and can take readings from "everybody"!!!!",says Rachel.

10. What's next for Veronica Mars fans?

Sarah V.:

"Veronica Mars fans will always continue to support there beloved show, that's for sure! We are in this for the long haul! Considering how long it could take before a movie ever happens; we will remain dedicated and in support of the show we love, for as long as it takes! You can't forget a show as unforgettable as Veronica Mars, so we could never give up; and we could never forget!"


"We will continue to grow our campaign, getting more fans to sign on to the forums and participate in the campaigns we run. We will strive for a movie, syndication and re-instatement. we will also support the cast in any other ventures they embark on. We will continue to have fun and make friends and strive for Victory. Veronica Mars fans never give up , after all Veronica wouldn't."

Sara P.:

"We'll support the cast and crew letting them know we'll do everything to have more Mars but also supporting them in their new projects."


"Hopefully enjoying VM in movie form. We just keep plugging away at our campaigns."


erika said...

Hooray! for Veronica mars fans! I am enjoying the first season and am looking forward to find out all the mysteries.

Thanks for letting us in on this fan base.

Trish said...

Although the Dresden fans have currently reeled me in, I can't wait to start on the VM series.

I would not have heard of either of them if not for their passionate fan bases.

The Power of Fans indeed!

Thanks for another great blog!

Jericho Saved said...

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