Saturday, November 3, 2007

Veronica Mars: Power of Fans

"Fans of Veronica Mars, the critically acclaimed teen drama/mystery neo-noir series starring Kristen Bell, demonstrate that they are not to be underestimated in their efforts to encourage Warner Bros. to syndicate the show and prove the power of this fan base is strong enough to support a movie despite the cancellation of the series. In their efforts as consumer marketers, they have developed action points that are reminiscent of a communication plan while remaining courteous and supportive of Bell and series creator Rob Thomas. Unencumbered by the rules of communication, Veronica Mars fans are working to prove consumer marketing works."

I'm a great admirer of these fans, their hard work, and their ability to pull everyone together in their team efforts. Here's how they explain the passion that is Veronica Mars.

1. Why did you get involved in the campaign to save Veronica Mars?

"I really love the show, and I simply found myself involved because I wanted more :) Then I met these beautiful people, these "fighters" and their enthusiasm was contagious," says Sara P.

Sarah V. adds,"I've been involved in campaigning for Veronica Mars since the day I first discovered the show. I quickly became beyond passionate about it, however noticed it seemed that nobody else had ever heard of it. When I looked in to how the show was doing; not surprisingly, it wasn't doing well. Since then I've joined and participated in every campaign/project there has been to help Save Veronica Mars.

After VM was canceled however, my objective changed. I wasn't just campaigning for a really great show like Veronica Mars anymore. I was campaigning for there to be good, positive, intelligent television on the air, for networks to listen to their viewers, for rating systems to be changed, and to make a point about the power of fans. It seemed however like all campaign efforts had ended; so I was thrilled when I found Neptune Rising. A group of dedicated fans, who like myself, refused to give up campaigning!! I like that NR has specific goals, and everyone is working together to accomplish them. No matter what we achieve I know we'll be successful; because just standing up for what we feel is success enough."

"Because it is an unusual show, it is great and empowers women to stand up for themselves," says Rachel.

Finally, Tami says,"No other show has captivated my interest or been worth trying to campaign to save."

2. What makes this show special?

"The passion fans have for Veronica Mars, shows just how special it truly is. I think what's most special about Veronica Mars, is that it has an unremarkable power to reach within it's viewers; and make them care deeply about it's story and it's characters," says Sarah V.

According to Tami,"The chemistry the lead actors have is phenomenal, add to that an amazingly witty , razor sharp intelligent script and you get a fireball of a show."

"Veronica Mars is a young and strong woman. She can represent a model young girls can look at (instead of the pussycat dolls!!). The relation between her and her dad is so special too, i think the scenes they have together are one of the best part of the show.

And then there's the mystery and the chemistry between Veronica and Logan... This show is special in so many ways!", says Sara P.

3. How did the campaign start?

"It started by sending movie posters and/or movie tickets to Warner Bros. then DVD pre-order promoting. to the creation of Neptune Rising. we have weekly Veronica Mars Days (every Tuesday) and we work on different tasks each week," says Rachel.

"Our campaign, as Neptune Rising, started on the CW boards, after the Bars for mars campaign. People were so upset about cancellation, we thought we had to find a way to fight, united, to get our show back and to let the networks know they couldn't treat viewers like that," says Sara P.

4. How do you keep morale high?

"A lot of encouragement and patts on the back," says Tami. "We are lucky enough to have on the campaign the most optimistic, enthusiastic campaigners, who do a fantastic job of building up momentum again if morale starts to falter."

"As a group",says Sarah V.., we realize the importance of keeping morale high. We do this by concentrating on all the things we've achieved, no matter how little. As well as by just having fun with our campaign! My pure love for the show motivates, excites, and keeps me positive. I try my best to impart these feelings onto other fans/members. While each member also does their part in keeping things positive and up beat!"

"Sometimes", says Sara P.," it's not easy but everyday we find a joke (see on our forum :) ), a new video about the show (on our NR youtube profile) or a new fanart that reminds us how cool our show is and how we want it back. It's a good way to keep morale up."

5. Are you promoting DVD sales? How's that going?

"We have been promoting dvd sales all along, but have started to pick up pace now that the Season 3 DVD's are out. We are updating fans daily on what the DVD's are ranked at Amazon, and when we are ranked at no 1, we all rejoice", says Tami.

Sarah V. says, "We've just begin our major promotion for the DVD Sales. Season 3 has just come out today (Oct 23rd) and we're excited to see how DVD Sales are this week. The sales being high are really important to us! We'll be really promoting buying boxsets through 'til christmas. We can only hope fans get out there and buy their copies!"

Sara P. says. "Yes we are! Especially on our myspace page. We'll see how it's going this week when the dvd will be out."

More from the fans tomorrow.


stubbornone said...

These people make me proud to be a part of the Neptune Rising campaign.

SarahJaime said...

Great! can't wait to read the rest :)