Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Veronica Mars: A Friendly Fandom

In the wealthy, seaside community of Neptune, California, the rich and powerful make the rules. Unfortunately for them, there's Veronica Mars, a smart, fearless 17-year-old apprentice private investigator dedicated to solving the town's toughest mysteries. Veronica used to be one of the popular girls, but it all came crumbling down around her after her best friend, Lilly, was murdered.

On May 9, 2006, the group hired a plane to fly between the UPN offices in Los Angeles and the future site of The CW headquarters in Burbank, pulling a banner that read "RENEW VERONICA MARS! CW 2006!" to get the attention of network executives, the press, and anyone else in the Los Angeles area. They had previously sent future CW executives, those in charge at the new network's parent companies, and influential people in the entertainment media care packages including binoculars, information regarding the plane's flight plan, and Veronica Mars-inspired gifts.

On June 11, 2007 Michael Ausiello broke the news that Veronica Mars had been officially cancelled by the CW.

Veronica Mars has attracted a loyal and devoted fanbase that includes internet communities.

What do fans want? Why are they still working so hard?

"So what do we want to do???? It's simple. We want the conclusion that Rob Thomas intended. Maybe he does want Veronica to be left slinking off into the rain with nothing in her life certain and everything in the world against her - that would be very noir. BUT - we all know that The Bitch is Back was not the ending that RT or the fans wanted. So, the new webmasters want to provide unflagging persistence in the fight to get The Veronica Mars Movie made and released on the very appropriate date of 9.09.09."

I became more interested in the fandom when Rich of Copywrite Ink wrote:

"Collectively, while the outcome is anybody’s guess, Veronica Mars fans have a lot working in their favor. Here is a hot list of things they are doing right:

• They have established a centralized group that remains largely positive.
• They have designated smaller groups, each focusing on slightly different promotional efforts or social networks with informal leaders to provide direction.
• They welcome new Web masters and encourage them to promote specific goals.
• They have established clearly defined primary goals: engage existing fans (some who have become active supporters) and find new fans (loaning personal DVD sets when they have to) with the focus on supporting a movie.
• They have established secondary goals such as encouraging Warner Brothers to put the show into syndication and promoting DVD sales.
• They have a consistent message. Each participant responded separately, but they all had very similar answers. Their message sticks.
• They have remained courteous and supportive of the cast and crew, even going so far as to promote other ventures.
• They have remained courteous and supportive of each other and have fun."

More about Veronica soon when the fans speak.


openminded1 said...

I visited one of the message boards for this show. I have never watched the show, but even though I did not participate, I could tell that these fans loved the show. I had no opinion of this show before visiting, but came away with a positive opinion. If anyone asks me about this show I will say, "Never watched it, but hear it is very good."

Anonymous said...

I too did not see the show, but given the opportunity, I plan to watch it based on this fan base and their promotions.

erika said...

Due to the nature of my work, I have found myself with a lot of free time in the past couple of weeks. I borrowed my roommates Season One Veronica Mars DVDs and am enjoying myself thoroughly.

I sincerely hope these fans get what they want.

stubbornone said...

Thanks for the Veronica Mars promotion Jericho saved.
Most of the current campaigners for the show are new to television campaigning, myself included but I've talked to quite a few of the current fans and even though alot of us are busy no one plans to quit until we get the job done.

Michael said...

Thank you for helping us. We are not going away and we are serious.

We'll get something made. I promise.

Jericho Saved said...

Thank you all for your comments.
Michael and stubbornone- I have no doubt you will prevail. Best of luck to you.

RixGirl said...

Thank you for being one more avenue that VMfans can get the message out. I must admit that I watched probably only a third of the shows each season. However, once it was on the brink of cancellation, I realized that I would really miss it. I wrote e-mails to the CW and recently bought seasons one and two. My husband started watching them with me. We are halfway through season one and we are addicted. This was truly one of the sharpest shows on television and can't believe that it might never be resolved with a movie to tie up the loose ends, most importantly, Logan and Veronica.

Jericho Saved said...

RixGirl: Thank you for your comment. I have a soft spot for VM fans and I'm always available to post anything they need spread. I know how it feels trying to spread information for our favorite shows.