Monday, October 29, 2007

Jericho: Still Digging

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Jericho Digg Day Articles!!!!!

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Here are the articles:

LisiBee video- "Do You Want To Watch Season 2 of Jericho?"

From Rich at Copywrite: Digging In: Jericho Rangers

"Will Work For Jericho, Will CBS?"

"Terocious at Jericho Junction was kind enough to organize this, and I wanted to provide something with real value for Jericho fans to think about. As a result, I have decided to craft a series of guiding principles that CBS and fans should follow when Jericho finally returns to television at some point in the next number of months. I believe that, if these guidelines are followed, the show has a great chance of success, and that the fans have the potential to get the 3rd season they deserve."

Jericho: A Sentimental Journey

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