Friday, November 2, 2007

CBS: Helping Jericho ?

My friend, Myles, of Cultural Learning posted an excellent article the other day and I'd like to see word spread so everyone can read it.

"Guiding Principles for the Return of CBS’ “Jericho”

In part, he says:

*"CBS should be in close contact with fan communities in order to recapture the grassroots elements of the initial campaign to save Jericho.
• The DVD set should be advertised through traditional and new media in a way that reflects its importance to the campaign.
• Fans should attempt to overcome the rifts growing between certain populations in order to present a united front.
• CBS should be responsible for keeping the series in the public eye, not just the fans; however, fans should continue to digg, read and comment on stories to keep their momentum alive.

• CBS should choose a fair timeslot which avoids major competition while reflecting the themes and values within the series.
• CBS should immediately begin advertising the show’s return during their most successful programs (CSIs, NCIS, etc.)
• CBS will ideally have established connections with fans that they can use in order to get the word out quickly to the fans who have abandoned the cause since the summer.
• Fans should mobilize behind this date quickly: while CBS is expected to hold part of the burden, fans have access to numerous tools they don’t, so use them!
•Bloggers like myself will be sure to promote this date and make sure that people are aware it is finally happening.

• CBS should continue advertising the series.
• CBS will ideally ensure that the show’s stars are out and about on Late Night and Daytime talk shows.
• Fans should reconnect with the principles that won the show’s return: its quality, its values and of course the nuts.
•However, fans should also be willing to move into any new innovative territories in order to broaden the show’s horizons.

• CBS should maintain realistic expectations of the show’s ratings, understanding the challenges it has faced, and will not pass judgment until Live 7 DVR Ratings are released.
• Fans will watch the premiere (I don’t think this one is even in question, eh?)
• That I will put my money where my mouth is and watch and review said premiere."


terocious said...

CBS should continue to enjoy all the benefits of a strong and loyal Fan base for” Jericho”. The cooperative atmosphere between fans and the network, if allowed to grow, has the potential to become a model partnership in a time when the internet has opened up new possibilities to partner. I hope the persistence of Jericho Fans has given some insight into how an engaged audience can be counted on to live up to their end of any such bargain.

Roberta said...

Hello everyone, I am to anticipating the return of Jericho :) so if there are any relevant news, I'll keep an eye on your blog so I can write a post about, every little bit helps...

I did this last month, cos I nearly fainted when I read the news
Great work you guys and keep it up :)

Jericho Saved said...

Thanks Terocious. I hope so too.
Hi Roberta,
Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Please do come back soon.