Thursday, November 8, 2007

Soldiers On The Street

"CBS has found a way to soldier on as the WGA hits the streets during the writers strike. It seems that the Eye Network realized that one of their bigger shows during the dog days of summer is a thrice-weekly reality show that requires no writers and they already have the set built. Don’t look now, but Big Brother is coming back sooner than planned!"

"As striking screenwriters continued attempts to close down film and TV production, television networks and media companies are calculating they can contain the damage so long as the strike doesn't last much beyond January.

The television networks are seen as the most vulnerable to a strike initially because they rely heavily on members of the Writers Guild of America for scripted programming. But a tight advertising market is expected to provide some cushion, with advertisers seemingly reluctant to make any rash moves at a time when advertising prices are so high.

If the strike runs for several months, the picture could change dramatically. "It could be a downward spiral for the networks if it drags on into the first quarter," says Steve Kalb, director of broadcast media at MediaHub, a unit of Interpublic Group's Mullen."


erika said...

Oh no! Big Brother is my secret shame!

Briarpatch said...

I am looking ahead on this writer's strike. You see, I believe the writers do deserve a bigger piece of the DVD sales. They were ripped off on their last contract. This is just one more giant corporation where the top 1% are raking off way more of the profit than they deserve. So my plan is to just find my entertainment elsewhere until the big shots figure out we can't watch crap forever. I am giving old TV shows on DVD to family members for Christmas, so they'll have something to watch way into the first quarter. At least the writers will get a pittance for those sales.

Trish said...

As much as I dislike the majority of reality television, Big Brother is my reality weakness.

Jericho Saved said...

Thank you all for commenting.
Briar, I'm with you.
Erika & Trish,
I must say I don't get the attraction. I did try to watch once but....