Saturday, November 24, 2007

CBS and Wall Street

" During three weeks of picketing by the WGA and ally unions including the Screen Actors Guild, network heads attempted to put the best face on the work stoppage, claiming that they had ample new content to take them into the new year and beyond. But privately, they have become increasingly concerned about the potential damage of a long-term strike. And while Wall Street has been distracted by record losses and skyrocketing oil prices, the subconscious effect on the conglomerates’ shareholders cannot be underestimated.

Disney stock was at a 52-week low this past week, and CBS tumbled 18% this year and was trading near its 52-week low.

In a letter sent to employees earlier this week, Moonves reiterated that there are "substantial" differences separating the WGA and the AMPTP, which represents the interests of networks and studios, but that an agreement can be forged through "hard work, patience and understanding."

"Toshiba America Consumer Products and CBS Home Entertainment kicked off a joint campaign this week to promote the launch of "Star Trek: The Original Series: First Season" exclusively on the HD DVD/DVD Combo disc, and a limited-edition "Star Trek" Phaser remote control.

The giveaway entitles consumers who buy any Toshiba HD DVD player and the "Star Trek: The Original Series: First Season" HD DVD/DVD Combo boxed set a free limited-edition "Star Trek" Phaser remote by mail. The remote works with any Toshiba HD DVD player. It features special sounds and light effects from the TV series.

In their promotion for the offering, Toshiba and CBS will run online banner and print ads that highlight images from the original "Star Trek" series. The advertisements detail how Star Trek fans can get their very own Phaser remote control."

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