Sunday, November 18, 2007

Chat With Margie and Edna

Break out the Nuts and your favorite beverage!!!!!!!!!

Margie and Edna are chatting with you Sunday night!! Nov. 18

10pm ET in the Jericho Library at Jeritopia

Join Margie and Edna, Jericho's oldest residents, for a delightful chat. These two wonderful ladies will tell it all and keep you entertained for hours!

We hope to see you all there!

Interesting post from Rich at Copywrite Ink today. He's always on target.

"Network ratings aren’t down because people watch less television. They are down because viewers have more control over their entertainment options. Simply put, if viewers do not like what is on the major networks, there are hundreds of other channels to choose from. And, if they don’t like any of those programs, there is always the DVR list, stocked full of saved programs.

So, there is a good chance the Internet, which caused much of the contract conflict, will likely also be the reason this strike will be short. After all, networks and studios tend to have a neutral or even adversarial relationship with their customers whereas producers and writers are becoming increasingly engaged with them.

When you think about it, this creates a significant brand shift. When today’s viewers think Jericho, they think Carole Barbee and Dan Shotz (some even think Steingberg, Chbosky, and Schaer), before CBS. When they think Firefly, they know Joss Whedon. When they think Veronica Mars, it’s Rob Thomas."

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