Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Have It Your Way

"The digital out-of-home marketplace has seen rapid growth this year, from the formation of the Out-Of-Home Video Advertising Bureau in January to key players tripling their spending in a span of months. Double-digit growth means it's time for organized metrics -- no easy feat for a market that includes everything from elevators to urinals.

PQ Media expects out-of-home-video spending to increase to $1.28 billion by the end of 2007 (up from $1.1 billion in 2006), with an additional $365 million for digital billboards and displays."

"Part of the reason for the increased proliferation of advertising is part Internet (with Facebook leading the charge) and part consumer behavior toward network television. The American Advertising Federation is currently running a smart poll that asks its readers if they use their DVRs to fast-forward commercials. So far, more than 85 percent say they do (and AAF SmartBrief readers are predominantly advertising people)."

"The writers strike has media buyers growing cautious about the efficacy of TV advertising in the weeks ahead and in the first quarter of 2008 -- and mulling strategies for possible reallocation of marketers' ad spending. The fourth quarter is an especially fraught time for marketers to not be able to count on TV as a reach vehicle, as many are pushing products for the holidays."

"United Hollywood, one of the best sites for strike coverage, has taken a page out of the
"Jericho" fans playbook (remember when they sent truckloads of nuts to CBS to protest the show's cancellation and it worked?) and decided to become creative in sending a message to the studios. With the Pencils2MediaMoguls campaign, for only one dollar you can send a box of pencils to a mogul as part of a petition to demand that the media moguls bargain in good faith and create a fair deal with the Writers Guild of America. You can even send the pencils in honor of your favorite TV show. ( I sent several boxes in honor of "House.")."

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Rich said...

Bahahaha! Jane, you are too funny.

That is the perfect picture; I almost fell out of my seat. Having worked on McDonalds spot, I can assure you that advertisers are supposed to use the real product ... although, fronting the items is allowed. ;)

All my best,