Saturday, November 17, 2007

Jericho and Tom Tooman

"Does Tom Tooman hail from Jericho, KS?"

"Fans of Jericho might have noticed early on the similarities between the Tom Tooman ARG and the CBS show. Jericho revolves around how the residents of the small town cope after being isolated from most of the world following a nuclear attack. The speculation of a connection has proved true with a newly discovered website for Jennings and Rall, a company that will help rebuild the town of Jericho during season two of the show. The website details some of the many ways the company intends to rebuild America including: satellite monitoring, food services support, "city scrubbing" and the isolation of individuals contaminated by radioactive fallout.

ARGNet's inside source revealed that the best part of the ARG is yet to come, including an expanded narrative which will include some familiar names to fans of the Jericho show. According to the source, "CBS wanted to provide current and future fans with a richer experience in preparation for Season 2 and to keep the momentum for the show going during its hiatus." Jericho fans will surely be delighted to find out that the show they fought so hard for now has an alternate reality game connected to it. The show was cancelled last season and fans reacted by sending CBS over 40,000 pounds of nuts to pledge their loyalty to the show. The unprecedented grassroots campaign worked, CBS listened, and Jericho will return this season for seven episodes."

The Monster Fan of the Week is Amy Vernon of Remote Access.

Amy is a Jericho fan who has been covering the show since the Save Jericho campaign began. She has written about Jericho,the fans, and the the campaign many times. We have all enjoyed her posts and she allowed some of us to be guest bloggers.

Amy contributed to getting the Nuts campaign out into the blogosphere and has helped promote the show as much or more than many fans. All of Amy's posts are my favorites but I do recall one from May 28, 2007 in which she said:

"So, the word is out in the blogosphere that we should not give up hope for some sort of return for Jericho. It would seem the main hurdle that needs to be overcome is for CBS to find a way to bring it back but not lose face.

While nothing’s set in stone by any means whatsoever, the Nuts to CBS campaign has been bombarding The Eye’s hq with thousands of pounds of nuts."

Congratulations,Amy, and thank you for giving us hope when we needed it most.


Rich said...

Amy is great choice, Jane. Congrats to her!


AmyV said...

Thanks Jane, and Rich!

When I started watching Jericho, I know I never imagined becoming a part of this greater (and great!) community. I've had so much fun.