Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jericho: Breaking News

New In Jericho

In these difficult times lay challenges for all North Americans seeking to safeguard the areas left destroyed and to rebuild our great Nation. Beginning with the Cheyenne Government, Jennings & Rall is leading the charge to resurrect this great country whose cities lay in waste, and whose populous yearn for a return to the America that we remember. We are here to help, build and lead - wherever that may take us.


More to come.


LisiBee said...

Very clever! I especially like their use of the new flag as a banner on the site, nice touch.

I wonder who's behind that site?

rubberpoultry said...

I'm guessing it's CBS. If not, a fan did a pretty great job.


Jericho Saved said...

Lisibee and RP,

Thanks for commenting. I'm guessing CBS too.

maybei said...

oh this is too cool!!!

Looking forward to reading more and looking for clues too!!

LisiBee said...

Here's something that cracks me up: the company lists the current value of its stock. But where would it even be trading it, and to who? I'm doubting it's domestic; would American currency even be valuable anymore? I guess it could be trading in the overseas markets....

Yes, I am a big giant geek, these are the things I think of. ;)

Wildman said...

I don't know I think the site could be easily done. All you need is a ftp software, and a host, and the time to actually do it, and maybe some money.