Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Boo's Christmas Angels: Part II

** Sorry. I had cable problems and have not been able to get online until now. Here's Part II.**

This is where I stayed and they were wonderful. The only way to donate if you wanted would be to send it by mail.

The Dog Pound
1701 U. S. Highway 72 East
Athens, Alabama 35611
Phone: 771-7889

Just one free click helps feed animals

Go here.

Or shop at the Animal Rescue Site Store


Donate to The Fund For Animals

Sponsor A Homeless Animal or Donate


You may also donate to your local shelter. It doesn't have to be money;it may be blankets or any other items an animal needs.

There's always someone who is hard to buy for. If that person is an animal lover, why not make a donation to the shelter in his/her name? You can specify the purpose for the donation (spay/neuter fund, building improvements, pet food or toys, etc).

" The Marshall County Humane Society is dedicated to animal welfare. Our small shelter takes in stray dogs and cats and companion animals that for many reasons are no longer wanted by their owners. We take care of animal cruelty cases in our county, and have a spay/neuter program to help control the overpopulation of pets. We are proud to say that in 2000 we placed more than 300 pets in adoptive homes in Marshall County, Indiana."


You may also help my new family take care of me since they are so kind to foster me. I'm not expensive but they could use some help with food bills.

Just go here and there's a button on the right for donations.


"Be famous! Tell the world you care and sponsor a dog untill they get adopted. We'll post your name on the adoption page next to your sponsored dog and send you updates on how your dog is doing for $5.00 a week!

Please keep in mind we are a non-profit organization and all money, food, bedding, toys ect. go towards the care of the animals."

There are items you can donate for less than $5! They have a list.


Please help all my friends for Christmas. I have angels but so many of them don't. We will love you forever. Thank you.


Amber said...

Something I thought you and your readers might me interested in...

AB 1634 – The California Healthy Pets Act - Saves Taxpayers Millions of Dollars, Cuts the Need to Euthanize Millions of Animals, and Relieves Overcrowded Animal Shelters.

AB 1634 asks that most dogs and cats in the State of California be spayed or neutered. More than 20 common sense exemptions are provided in the bill, including for show and sporting dogs, law enforcement dogs, dogs used in search and rescue, pets that are too old or in poor health, and guide, service and signal animals.

This is the right legislation at the right time – a common-sense, humane and taxpayer-friendly solution to a real and costly problem.

Jericho Saved said...

Thanks Amber. This is the right legislation and I hope more states do this.

maybei said...

Great list of links to help pets!!

Thanks Jane!