Friday, December 7, 2007

Jericho: Meebo Chat

"An example is CBS' show "Jericho" that they almost canceled. One of the things that ["Jericho" online support groups] did was organize a Meebo room to discuss how to get CBS to put it back on the air. It's just one of many, many things that Internet users did. So, fast-forward three months or so, and CBS put "Jericho" on the air, and what they did was, they put a lot of video content from the show inside a Meebo room and put that on the CBS site so viewers can keep in touch with the show until the new season's ready and talk with each other."

**** I can't believe they'd have the nerve to mention the lousy Jericho chat. What a mess! I never saw so much porn and people pretending to be other people. Meebo and CBS should be ashamed.****

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Balceroregontr said...

Is this Meebo promoting their chat? I would think CBS would not want people there if they have visited recently. New viewers are being harassed and old viewers are being slandered.

terocious said...

They make it sound Idyllic.

Mark said...

Interesting that there appears to be nowhere to leave a comment or opinion on this story, that's telling in itself.
Meebo is a disaster plain and simple. I cannot homestly see "businesses" using this sort of thing as Meebo claims the case to be. What a mess, CBS...get a clue.