Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jericho: Coming Back

"Jericho" is coming back, and just maybe the campaign helped, but it most certainly wasn’t the deciding factor. CBS had mountains of data to analyze to determine that they screwed up with the show.

"Jericho" deserved to survive because it had one thing going for it: It had people watching it. The ratings were strong the first half of the season, but dropped after a two-plus-month hiatus for the winter. A show finding its audience could not survive that, and it didn't. CBS acknowledges it screwed up.

"Journeyman" was given every chance to build an audience. But the problem is almost half of the people who watched "Heroes" turned the channel instead of staying for "Journeyman." For the networks, there’s no coming back from that. They didn’t pull it too soon, nor did they move the show around their schedule. They kept it stable, and aired all the episodes."

Looks like a good promotional tool to me:

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Anonymous said...

lovedjericho, what idiots the tv bigwigs are. love post apoc books and tv or movies-I am Legend was COOL.