Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Monster Fan Interview: Cingramaol

The Monster Fan of the Week is someone who has worked very hard for Jericho and he continues to do so. He inspires, motivates, and loves Heather.

He is also helpful, kind, always willing to share ideas, and never misses an opportunity to tell anyone who will listen about Jericho.

The Monster Fan of The Week is Cingramaol.

Congratulations, Clarke, and thanks for all your hard work.

Now to the interview:

1. What attracted you to Jericho?

I've been interested in things post-apocalyptic since I first read Nevil
Shute's "On The Beach" as a teenager. When I heard in May 2006 that CBS was
taking the Jericho pilot to series, I was intrigued. When I saw the shot of the
kid on the roof looking at the mushroom cloud, I was hooked. It was several
more months until the premiere of the show in September, and I was
anticipating it all the way. I was not disappointed.

2. After Jericho was cancelled what made you decide to enlist in the
campaign to get it back?

When the cancellation announcement came, I made what I hoped was a gracious
post on the CBS message board, saying that we'd had a full season of the show
(22 episodes), and it was amazing that a weekly series about the aftermath
of a nuclear attack had done that well, and that we should be grateful that
we'd seen that much of the show. I think fans were grateful, but it was
obvious within 24 hours that no one was going gently into that good night. And
then I was recruited by other people, including Schumi, who had been working on
a web site (JerichoLives.com) which became one of the rallying points for the
movement. From there, I jumped in with both feet, as did thousands of other

3. You are well known in the Pittsburgh area as Operations Manager of
Pittsburgh-area AM stations WKHB (620) and WKFB (770). Did having that position
help you spread the word about our campaign?

Yes, but only toward the end of the campaign. Because of my career
background, and having spent my life somewhat in the public eye, I ended up as a
spokesperson several times, particularly as it became apparent that the series
might be saved. And the TV-radio editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette was
surprised to find out that the Jericho campaign had a local angle. But in the
end, I was just another fan pulling for the survival of the show, like so many

4. Did you really believe CBS would bring Jericho back?

I thought there was a snowball's chance in hell. These campaigns usually
don't work, no matter how strong and enthusiastic they are. When I started to
hear rumors that the show might actually return, I could hardly believe it.
When I realized that the network was bringing the show back, I was ecstatic.
Changing the mind of a major broadcasting corporation in three weeks is
unprecedented. It's a testimony to the efforts of all the Jericho Rangers and
the open-mindedness of CBS.

5. Where were you when you heard Jericho was coming back? How did you feel?

Quite by accident, I must have been one of the first people to hear the
news. It was twelve minutes after five on June 6, 2007, and I was on the CBS
message board at the time. When I refreshed the page, I saw a new posting
entitled "A Message From CBS Entertainment," time-stamped 5:08 PM. After all the
rumors of the previous few days, I knew this had to be our answer, yes or no.
I read the message -- I distinctly remember the words "CBS has ordered
seven new episodes" -- and by 5:15, I was on the phone with Schumi, who had not
heard the news. I was almost delirious. I think I was screaming. Then I
called some other people. And then the E-mails started flying and the board
started buzzing, and I thought to myself, tonight's the night the world begins

6. Would you do it all over again now that you know what was involved?

Yes. There has been some unfortunate BS along the way, as there is in every
fandom at times, but I would stand and fight again for Jericho in a
heartbeat, and I'm sure many other fans would do the same.

7. Who's your favorite character on Jericho and why?

Heather Lisinski, because she's the smart girl, the slightly nerdy girl, the
underdog when it comes to winning Jake, and is played by a tremendous
actress, Sprague Grayden, who I believe has a brilliant career ahead of her.

8. What are you doing now for Jericho? (Promoting)

Right now it's a matter of getting out the word that there's going to be a
second season. Many people still believe the series disappeared for good in
May, or in November of last year. It's the Christmas season and this is the
perfect time to let people on your Christmas card list know about the show
returning in February. Better yet, give the gift of the Jericho Season One DVD
set. Now, please don't laugh, but so far I've bought 13 copies!

9. What should fans be doing now?

Simple. Tell everyone you know about the second season of Jericho,
premiering Tuesday, February 12 on CBS. This show, like all of the others, will rise
and fall on the Nielsen ratings, and we need to pull in more viewers if we
want to see a Season Three. Nina Tassler put those cards on the table, and
she's absolutely right in saying so.


There have been some wonderful critical reviews of Jericho, particularly
since the show was rescued. I think it's a unique show because of its premise,
and the way it taps into our present-day fears and concerns, and forces us to
ask questions about our world and ourselves. It's entertainment, but it's
not light entertainment. It's fine dramatic television. It makes you think,
which is what good television should do. I think we're in for an exciting
second season and I am proud to have played a small part in bringing the show
back. Here's to more Jericho!


terocious said...

This is a terrific interview. Thank you Cing for sharing with us your humble and gentle nature and your deep rooted strengths.

Anonymous said...

Judist63 here, I am so proud to have C as a fellow ranger. He is always focused and strong minded when it comes to Jericho and does everything with a passion. It is so nice to see him around the boards with his insight. He is a very good choice of Monster Fan of the Week. Wonderful man too!!

maybei said...

Awesome interview!!! Thank you so much C for sharing your experiences and insight to the show!

Love to hear your stories and theories. It's always nice to hear from Cing :-)

Jericho247 said...

Great interview. C, you rock as always!!

auntvonna said...

Wonderful interview Cing (and another nice job, Jane)! I too am proud to count you as a fellow ranger. Your passion and commitment to the Jericho cause are commendable! Happy Holidays!

Jericho Saved said...

Thank you all for commenting. Clarke is a super guy and doing this interview was a pleasure.