Thursday, January 10, 2008

Chain Drop Is Here

Very exciting news from the Social Networking world today. Dane and Alan have started a new website called Chain Drop.

This is not you're probably thinking it is.

"Chain Drop is here to explore the Relationship Process of Promotion through Social Networking. We will be working on true relationship based social networking to promote blogs. In fact it’s the only thing we are going to do to promote this blog. We won’t be buying Adwords or any other PPC ads. We won’t be buying directory listings, or even submitting free directory listings."

You really should check this out.


Alan said...

Thanks for the mention. Hope you'll join us as we discuss how to get the most out of social networking.

Anonymous said...

I have NO idea what you're talking about!
Have anything on JERICHO??

Jericho Returns said...

There is currently very little news on Jericho. There likely won't be until closer to Feb. 12.

Jericho Returns said...

Thanks for dropping by Alan. I did join. Looking forward to it.

webringnet.com said...

i hope that my blog is in the list and start drive me traffic so that can monetize my blog



Doc Thompson.
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Keep Jericho alive-not crap like Kid Nation-fIGHT THE Ace HOLE NETWORK,who cancell good tv like Star Trek.Jericho’s a quality show.We need to send a message to the networks,to keep show on,tell who’s boss-not some ace hole,in programming who cancells Star Trek or Star Trek Enterprise or Smallville or whatever,simply because they don’t like it and have some retarded crap,like Kid Nation to put on instead.Show those network jerks who boss.Because understand,this like Star Trek is on someones hit list.They got 20 more ace hole reality shows like Kid Nation,Worlds Biggest Loser and Survivor to replace.The only way to keep alive is prove them,it is a monster,they can’t ignor or or no one else can,neither.

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Janicho Cancell -here's our responce to that.


Janicho Cancell -here's our responce to that.


Doc Thompson

February 11, 2008 12:43 PM