Friday, January 11, 2008

Jericho On Forbes

"Viewers use creative ways such as sending Rice-A-Roni.to push the networks to save favorite shows. Journeyman campaign is covered as are the Jericho and Veronica Mars campaigns. Will the Journeyman campaign work? Email the reporter, Lacey Rose, to let her know what you think: lrose@forbes.net"

Video includes Jericho and Nutsonline.

"Terminator and Jericho--Science Fiction as a Preparedness Motivational Tool"

"The strike has now officially impacted the major talent agencies and management companies.

ICM invoked force majeure late Wednesday on as many as five agents in the motion picture group. In addition, the percentery instituted a series of pay cuts for agents and executives making six-figure salaries. The percentages range to a high of 30% for agents making the most money and service clients in areas that have been debilitated by the writers strike."

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