Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Fascinating Face of Jennie Sword

Known to us as TownJennie. Thank you Jennie for these wonderful pictures.

I see a new Star on the rise here.





maybei said...

Thanks for sharing Jennie!! Now I will know who to look for when watching Jericho!

Balceroregontr said...

She is so pretty. I am sure she will not be a lowly townperson long. Good luck with your career Jennie.
Debby from SC

auntvonna said...

Great photos, Jennie! You are an awesome person who did so much to keep our morale up when we were fighting and a definite asset to the show! I actually went back through the episodes looking for you after your posts to us early on in the fight... I predict great things for you also! Thanks for putting these up for us, Jane.

lovejohnston said...

Boy, Jennie sure does clean up good!!
Hey Jennie, post to us when you get time ok?