Monday, January 28, 2008

The Healing Begins

I have to say this day has been one of gratitude. If you read this blog yesterday then you know I spoke of conscience and I stated,"The time has come that differences cannot or will not be resolved. We can only do what our conscience tells us and I hope we all have one."

Something started bothering me and I realized my own conscience was talking to me. I also realized I was wrong about differences and not being able to resolve them.

I had a Jericho friend and we lost our way to each other because of infighting and friction. I failed to acknowledge my role in that. I was wrong. I had to narrow my focus to see that it is possible to resolve a difference.

I have reached out to this person and I have apologized. She, being the person she is, has met me halfway. Perhaps the friendship will never be the same but maybe it can be better. I know we will be better people for it.

It's a small step but we have taken it. I can only hope others will do the same. To my fellow Ranger-you know who you are- I am saying this publicly as an effort to show you my sincerity.

I thank you for being a partner in this healing and I thank all my readers for listening.


erika said...

It takes a big person to admit a mistake, and an even bigger person to make the steps to fixing it.

Thank you so much for your sincerity and openness.

Balceroregontr said...

Blessed are the peacemakers.
Debby from SC

AmyV said...

You go, Jane. Most people wouldn't have the guts to do this, even if they regretted it for years afterward. Whoever you made up with is lucky to have a friend like you back in his/her life.

alpha99wolf said...

To publicly acknowledge this is commendable. It says a lot about you as a person & takes humility.

Jericho Returns said...

Erika, Thank you. You're kind to say that.

Debby, May peace prevail Thanks.

Amy, how nice of you to post. Thanks. I think I'm the lucky one.

Wolfie, thank you always for your support.

Anonymous said...

Give peace a chance! :) Because, really....it feels SO much better than the alternative. Thanks for this post. I guess every one of us could stand to look in the mirror once in a while.

maybei said...


Peace is a 2 way street.

You have taken the first step here in your blog and in your heart.

I hope others will do likewise.

Anonymous said...

Yes, peace is a two-way street, and I didn't mean to imply otherwise, if it was taken that way. That comment was meant for each and every one of us...myself included.

There's not a one of us who need any more pettiness, nastiness, or drama than is thrown our way in every-day life. I look to my Jericho 'world' to give me some refuge and happiness from all that ugliness, and I hope to return those good feelings in kind.

Again, as stated earlier, I say thanks for Jane's post. It was timely and appreciated.